How to have better conversations and more conversions in sales using the TBOG technique.

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Comedian Kevin Hart has made a career out of TBOG. He takes what the audience is thinking about whatever scandal, headline, or shortcomings that he’s had and he makes a joke about it. Hart has made an art out of, taking the bullets out of the gun. Instead of trying to distance himself from the situation or shortcomings, he incorporates it. That way he controls the narrative. 
Take the same approach in your sales career. Take the “bullets” out of your customer’s gun.  Most people who own a gun are too scared to even use it. In the same way your customers have bullets. These bullets are objections, fears, and concerns that they are suppressing and are too fearful to voice them for fear of looking uneducated, unprepared, or weak.  If you’re ever going to be successful in sales you’ve got to learn the art of taking the bullets out of the gun- getting the conversation out of your customer’s head and into the open so that you can address their concerns and convert into more sales.    You can’t just run at your customers by asking, “What’s the problem?!” Instead have to create a narrative based on the cues that you detect from their body language, moments of hesitation, or indirect questions and statements that they’re making (aka tap dancing around the real concern). Take what you  perceive is their concern and make it a part of your narrative.   For instance, say you’re talking to a person on the phone who lives 500 miles away who calls about a used vehicle. In the course of the conversation you sense some hesitation. TBOG it. Make their hesitation a part of your narrative by saying, “Many customers that I’ve worked with were concerned that if they committed to a vehicle from so far away that it would show up in 2 halves or repainted with spray paint. Our vehicles are fully inspected and guaranteed. To be sure that this vehicle is the right fit for you, I’ll do a live video with you pointing out everything that I see. If the vehicle meets your expectations we’ll move forward, if it doesn’t we’ll keep looking around. How’s that sound?” Or a customer says that they want to shop around a little more. Find the fear. They say the vehicle has everything they are looking for, but….(they stall). TBOG it. “It used to be that you had to shop at 20 different dealerships, multiply times 4, divide by the square root of pie in order to make sure you’re not overpaying for a vehicle, right? Our vehicles are market-based pricing meaning that we price it right so you can buy right.” Here’s what’s great. 

If your perception is wrong your customer will correct you and the real objection will come out, but if it’s right your customer never had to voice the objection,  all they had to do is agree. That way you can address their concerns, build in more assurances, and move your sale forward. 

 Incorporate the TBOG technique  into your sales game today and have better conversations that lead to more conversions.   Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell  you on you because you’re more than enough.  Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.  

Consistency over Intensity

Let me tell you my M.O. I’ll have a grand idea and run with it with explosive intensity. At one time I’d committed to doing a podcast every day of the week. I vowed that I would blog, video, and record the podcast every day and post it to WordPress, YouTube, and on all of the podcast platforms as well-not to mention I’d post other clips elsewhere to help promote the podcast. A doable plan, if this were my only gig, but I have a full time job in sales.

By the second week, I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to go down to five days a week for my main podcast, but it still meant I had to do seven episodes because I had the other two podcasts that I’d launched as well. (One for young adults and one for those in the sales profession.) Needless to say, I couldn’t keep up with that pace either. To create more time, I decided to work on The Sales Life in the mornings and work out in the evenings, but after a 10 hour day, the last thing I wanted to do when I got off work was go workout. When the wheels came off, I’d drastically cut back to doing one episode on my main podcast, no video nor blog, and I dropped the other two podcasts. Not only did I not feel good about my success, but I didn’t feel good about my physique either.

Mental performance coach and speaker, Lauren Johnson was recently on The Leadership Locker Podcast with Rich Cardona where she nailed it perfectly for me,

“I would rather you be consistent than intense,” because success is an accumulation over time not overnight.

Think about that grand plan that you’ve had.

“I’m going to sell 30 this month.”

“I’m going to lose 25 pounds.”

“I’m going to get out of debt in 6 months or do a podcast seven days a week,” and you start off with incredible intensity, but you have no fuel for the consistency at that level.

So here’s what I want you to do today.

Graduate up so as to not free fall down.

#1. Be average first. You can’t be great until you become average.

#2. Ask yourself, “What’s the least I can do?” Instead of going for the most and risk burning out, start with the least and burn on. What changes can you put in that will not disrupt your life as you know it? For me, it was getting up at 5 A.M. every morning and working out. Yes it sucked, but it didn’t interfere with my family time nor did it matter if I had to work over because my workout was already checked off of the list.

#3. Level up. As the cement starts to dry through consistency, gradually raise your game and your intensity will rise along with it.

The benefits of putting consistency before intensity are:

  • It will keep your doubts at bay. In an effort to radically change your results, you’ll jump out there too hard and fast, but when you can’t sustain the pace and you get off track, your old doubts will jump on your back and you’ll revert back to your old, average ways.
  • When (not if) you get off track, because you’ve gradually built your success, it’ll be easier to get right back on track because you missed a step, not a flight.

You can’t get to the top of the stairs at once, but you can get to the bottom painfully.

Remember the greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you, because you’re more than enough. Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

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Don’t “just be yourself” today

Many years ago, actor and comedian, Steve Martin, was talking to a young actress on a flight. She told Martin, “When I go to an audition, I don’t know who I’m supposed to be. Do I show up to these auditions all warm and bubbly? Or do I show up low key, as if I don’t need the job?” Martin told her the same advice that we’ve all gotten, “Just be yourself.”

Here this post on The Sales Life Podcast!

But since then Martin has recounted that statement.

He said, “Even after all these years, I don’t even know myself.” So how do you be yourself if you don’t know yourself? Moreover, how do you be yourself if you don’t like yourself?

Today Steve Martin advises others, “Who do you choose to be?”

Today you have a choice. You can choose to be the one you were yesterday, and have been for decades, or you can choose to be someone different.

What version of YOU would you like to see manifest in your life? Is your version the one who is rich, influential, impactful, fit, married, or sober?

Who do YOU choose to be?

Now it’s not going to be easy because you’re going to have to fight through old choices that have been layered over your life for many years.

Initially, you’re going to put out more effort and get smaller returns. Your ROE, Results On Effort, are going to be low. You’re going to find that you’re giving more effort and seeing fewer results, but that’s because you’re building momentum in a different direction.

You’ve got no problem building momentum. You’ve been doing that for years. It’s just been the wrong kind of momentum; unconscious momentum. This is the kind of momentum when don’t even think about what you’re doing. These are the poor choices, habits, toxic relationships and thinking, but when you start playing to who you choose to be, you’re going to be building a different kind of momentum that is focused, purposeful, and determined.

Stay with it. Pound the stone every day. If you do, you’ll reach the tipping point where everything breaks open and you’ll become what you’ve seen yourself to be a top producer, YouTuber, influencer, business owner, multi-millionaire, or maybe just sober.

Every day, ATF: Act. Think. Feel. Actions come first, feelings always come last. Because you may not always feel like a success, but you can damn sure act like one.

Today, don’t be yourself. Be who you choose to be.

Remember, never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

How I get 1000’s of episode ideas.

After doing over 600 episodes, people often ask me if I’m ever afraid that I’m going to run out of material?

My answer is never.

There’s no way, because everywhere and everything is material for me.

People think that you have to be secluded on a mountain side, away from civilization in order to get material. But the truth is you can get material from anywhere and anything.

Here are ways & whens that I generate content ideas:

Working out/Jogging. My #1 go to source for material (more-so than reading and I love to read) is PODCASTS. I love to pop in the ear buds and learn while staying in shape. On mile 4, I’ll hear an off-handed comment on someone’s podcast and get an “Ah-ha” idea to run with (no pun intended.).

Laughing with others. Great content comes from great conversations often times while over a beer and a ball game.

Heart to hearts. While helping a struggling salesperson or teenager, an idea will bubble up that can be shared with others.

Going over homework with my daughter. Yes you can learn from a 7th grader. Many of my episodes came from Mackenzie and I working on her homework.

Working with customers. In the heat of negotiations something will cause a spark of an idea.

Frustrations. My slick spots create great content. Because I am struggling with it, I have to put into context in order to explain it to to others. The clearer you are in explaining it, the better you’ll be able to learn, live, and share it.

I don’t know’s. Customer’s will hit me with a question that I don’t know the answer to. Game on! I get the answer and shareable content.

Other people’s posts. Don’t be so quick to like someone’s post. Read it, see if it resonates with you, and it may spark an idea that you can run with instead of just hitting a thumbs up.

My previous podcast episodes. But because I recorded it in a different season than when I’m listening to it now, I may interpret it differently and it gives me fresh material to share.

You’ll never run out of material and life will never get stale for you if you’re always looking at everything and everyone as material for you.

You don’t have a material problem, you have an attention deficit to capturing the material problem. You think that you can file it away in your mind and come back to it and write it down later. The truth is you won’t remember it so capture it in the moment.

One way that I capture material is I record it on the voice memo app on my phone. That way I’m able to capture not only specific words, but also the emotion and the thought behind it.

That way when listen I listen to it later, I hear the words, but I also feel the emotion that went with the words. Sometimes I’ll run with exactly what I recorded, but other times, I’m glad I didn’t run with it because I may think/feel differently now.

In my phone right now, I have over 1,600 recorded ideas for future episodes and I’m adding to it every day, but I started with ONE. Like any exercise, the more you do it, the better you’ll become at it.

The only requirement is you must live it in order to share it. (Otherwise you’re jut FOS Full of Sh**)

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, no matter what.

Stay amazing. Stay in the Sales Life.

The Sales Life was created to sell you on you. You have access to everything that you need in order to NEVER SETTLE AGAIN. You don’t get in life what you deserve, you get in life what you negotiate. How well you negotiate depends on how well you leverage the skills of Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism- skills that we learn by profession that can be applied to your life in order to be a top producer. Life is sales & sales is life. Welcome to The Sales Life. Connect with me other ways too 👇👇 The Sales Life Podcast TSL Facebook Group YouTube Channel: LinkedIn:

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The #1 reason why customers need you

Customers DONT NEED YOU!

The information about your product is all online. What they do need you for is the “yea-buts.” When what they read is contrary to the information they just received FROM YOU.

You’ve got to help steer your customers through those push-back situations & if you don’t anticipate & be ready to answer in a polished, professional manner, then you’re gonna blow your deal.

Think about the millions pieces of your kid’s playhouse that you’ve got to figure out how to put together.

The directions are right there, but when the directions you read don’t equate to the action that you’re taking, the words alone won’t help you through the “yea-buts.”

This is where you as a salesperson, parent, coach, or manager come in. To help bridge the chasm of giving up vs moving forward.

Never settle keep selling your way through life no matter what.

7 Ways to Keep Your Sales Game Green

Green is a term used to describe rookie salespeople, but green is also the color of professional salespeople too.

What color is your sales game? Is it still a lush, vibrant green? Or has it become a crispy brown.

In his book, The Bonus Round, Patrick Tinney lists 7 competitive advantages to staying green in your sales career.

#1. Product Launches: Tinney writes that he was the first one to test his company’s new products. “By thinking green I got to work out the kinks and work around the products. I was testing them on myself. The idea was to remove as much of the risk for my customers.”

When’s the last time you tested a new product/launch, not only to have a deeper awareness, in order to relate it better to your customers, but also to work out the kinks and help reduce your customer’s risks.

Green Test: Do you know what happens when you push every button on your product?

#2. Competitors: Are you green with your competitors? Are you keeping up with their launches and their ways of doing business or are you just too busy of doing business your way?

Green Test: Look at your competitor’s website and social media posts. What experience are their customer’s raving about?

#3. Legislative/economic changes: Are you green to the changes, outside of your control? “You need to remain in constant touch with the market and the government,” Tinney writes. Great salespeople, adapt. They don’t waste energy talking about changes they have no power to produce. Whether the change is BS or Right on! green salespeople keep it moving.

Green Test: What color is your speech? Green with optimism or brown with back-in-the-days embellishments.

#4. Innovation: The day you jump up and freeze in mid-air is the day you no longer have to change, but until that day comes, you’ve got to adapt to innovate and innovate to adapt. Nothing remains the same, nor should you. (Check out episode 609 of The Sales Life Podcast creating missions instead of goals.)

Green test: When’s the last time you did something for the 1rst time?

#5 & 6. Up-cycle and Efficiency: If you’re green to product launches, competitors, & innovation, then you can up-cycle your customers, and move them up or down, based on their needs and your expertise. This will not only develop a deeper trust, but also better efficiency for you.

Green Test: Even if it pays a higher commission, are you willing to move your customers to a lesser model because it’s a better fit for them?

#7. Collaborate with your customers. This one is HUGE. Many of your customers are business owners. ((New flash I know) They own a business, but they don’t know how market nor sell within their business. Collaborate with your customers and show them how to adaptively sell and market themselves leveraging social media. Shoot a few 15 second clips & create a few colorful posts for them to run for the month.

Obviously they trust you. Now deepen the trust by helping them fertilize their business.

Green Test: Who knows where it leads. You could start your own side-hustle marketing agency. Through collaboration you both learn from one another. You learn what it takes to start and run a business & they learn how to make it grow.

Your TSL action items up today:

What areas are you green? Maybe you’re green to the product launches, but see other areas that need watering.

What areas need watering? Maybe you’ve ceased innovating or studying your competitors.

What areas crispy? It may mean you’ll have to uproot & replant the dead areas of your sales career. The good news is that you can always start fresh & immediately in sales.

Watch the LIVE episode on The Sales Life YouTube Channel.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.


*The Sales Life is a never settle mentality. To never settle again means that you must keep selling through life. NO MATTER WHAT. Selling is a life skill not just a profession and if you want more, then you’re going to have to negotiate better using The 8 C’s: Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism. The same skills we learn by profession can be applied to your life as well to negotiate through any circumstance in life. Some of them you’re already good at. Others you’re not. All can be improved. What is, is not all there is.

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Screw the goals. Create a mission.

It’s so fitting since the year is drawing to a close, that we’re talking about this topic-& it ain’t about goals either!

As a matter of fact, we’re gonna throw the goals on the back burner and instead talk about a mission.

In chapter 23 of his book, Chop Wood. Carry Water, Joshua Medcalf writes,

“Goals let people off the hook. If your goal is to become a doctor, there are many people who can stop that from happening. With so many checkpoints along the way, there will be people who will tell you that you’re not smart enough, nor do you qualify.”

The crazy thing is we listen to them! They say, “I’m only looking out for you,” or they may already bear the title, and since we’re not following their exact lineage, they stand in judgement and say that there’s no way.

“Goals shirk responsibility,” but the only person who can stop you from living out a mission is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

I think people are bored with goals because goals feel monumental. The finished product feels like you took on the job of carving the president’s faces into the side of Mount Rushmore.

It took them 14 1/2 years to complete Mt. Rushmore, which is how long it feels to accomplish our goals. If I were to tell you that you could accomplish any goal, but it was going to take you 20% of your life to achieve it, what would you say?

“Nah, I’m good!” Instead of reaching for summit, you’d instead walk toward the foothills accepting what life hands out and call it fate.

You don’t get in life what you deserve. You get in life what you negotiate.

I love the word mission instead.

Because the word alone makes you feel light on your feet.

And what’s beautiful, is you don’t need permission for a mission!

No one can stand in your way for a mission. As a matter of fact, no one has to even know. You’re just on it day in and day out.

Medcalf writes that a mission acts as an internal guidance system, so you can make tiny course corrections along the way. (Check out episode #495 of The Sales Life Podcast. Change is 3 degrees at a time.)

If you find you’re in a haze right now and don’t quite know what your True North is, but feel an agitation to do something different, then you can borrow your mission from someone else, because a mission is not based on tenure nor merit. As you progress, you can adapt it to your own.

A mission is daily fuel. Think quick, rapid fire bursts of becomings.

You don’t get to Mt. Everest without becoming a skilled mountain climber along the way.

Missions are chapters and within each chapter you check, adjust, & push Off.

Rinse and repeat next mission.

A goal is waaaay out there.

A mission is in here. (Tap your chest.)

It’s the next step.

Even though I have the ultimate goal of The Sales Life being global, I keep it simple and work my mission every day with what I live and learn so that I can share it in the form of podcasts, videos, and blogs.

Every episode you see me working my mission.

Some missions get fulfilled, other missions are pivot points to push off in a new direction.

Just the word mission alone, keeps you light on your feet, because you can quickly shape and ship your mission. It’s a brick toward the ultimate goal.

Missions are elastic. They give you the ability to zoom out five years then slingshot back in to today.

My mission for The Sales Life Podcast:

*Create a new podcast every week.

*Write the podcast in the form of a blog. (Out of 609 episodes I may have 100 of them blogged.

*Develop my YouTube Channel. (Join TSL here!)

My mission for health:

*Bust to sweat every day.

*30 minutes/day.

*Workout with weights 3x/week a day. To keep it simple, I commit to 5-6 exercises and working opposing body parts to save time. (ie. bench straight to lunges)

What’s your mission? Keep it simple.

Stay amazing! Stay in The Sales Life.

*The Sales Life is a never settle mentality. To never settle again means that you must keep selling through life. NO MATTER WHAT. Selling is a life skill not just a profession and if you want more, then you’re going to have to negotiate better using The 8 C’s: Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism. The same skills we learn by profession can be applied to your life as well to negotiate through any circumstance in life. Some of them you’re already good at. Others you’re not. All can be improved. What is, is not all there is.

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The grass is only greener where you water it. The power of perspective & thief of comparison.

Two words kept bubbling up in this section Joshua Medcalf ‘s book, “Chop Wood. Carry Water.”

Comparison and Perspective.

Ironically, both of these words were discussed in previous episodes of The Sales Life Podcast. In episode 588, Emmy Award winning artist Tasia Valenza’s favorite saying is, “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” And in Episode 606, best-selling author Zack Friedman said that the first behavior to begin living The Lemonade Life is the switch of perspective.

Comparison is a trap and we know it yet we still fall for it!

Let me ask you this, when you compare yourself to someone else, do you really walk away feeling better? Hell no, you feel worse, because you see how far you’re behind.

And social media has made it even worse. There was always someone doing better than you, but now that you have instant access to anyone in the world, you can really see what a loser you are.

So you have to put some P on that C.

Put some perspective on that comparison.

Medcalf writes, #1. “Comparison is the thief of joy. #2. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it,.”

“True nobility, is not being superior to the other person. It’s being superior to your former self. The person who chops wood and carries water, whether they’re up by 20 points or down by 20 points crushes the field in the long run because they’re crushing the former version of themselves who was focused solely on winning.”

How would you answer if I asked you, “Do you want to win, or do you want to succeed?”

Without thinking you’d probably say that you want to win, but winning is playing the short game. It only has one outcome and if you keep getting blown out in your SalesLife, you’re likely to give up and quit.

But if instead you answer that you want to succeed, well that’s playing the long game.

That’s the person who chops wood, carries water because success is a mixture of wins and losses, and because you see it as a marathon and not a sprint, you’re the one who’ll succeed and surpass your former self who only wanted to win.

Look, here’s the real real. There’s always going to be someone younger, smarter, faster, stronger, richer and more experienced than you. Chasing that image will only leave you hollow and depressed. Just look at the tragic ending to the man who literally wrote the book on Delivering Happiness, Zappos. Tony Hsieh. Even the man who sold his company to Amazon for over a billion dollars left this world hollow and depressed.

Hip hop legend Rakim’s favorite mantra is,”Always be better than yourself.” Even when music executives were bending his ear to change his style to gangsta rap, Rakim kept flowing positivity.

(Back to the book.) “Compare and measure yourself to your potential.”

And that got me to thinking, what is potential?

Potential is defined as what’s possible, as opposed to actual; capable of becoming.

So my question to you is,

“Are you living an actual life or a possible life?”


“Are you capable of becoming?”

“Of course, Marsh, I’m capable….”

Then are you willing?

(Back to the book) “If it rains bottle the water and sell it. If the sun is shining plant a garden…”

And I added something else.

If someone or something, takes a crap on you, plant roses because even a rose has to go through shit to become a rose.

The point is, use what you’ve already been given.

You have so many assets, yet you don’t use it because you don’t see it and you don’t see it because you’re too busy comparing your “disadvantages” to the next man’s “advantages.”

That’s a losing bet. You’re playing Russian roulette with Life and one day it’s going to fire with the wrong results.

So keep it simple. Chop wood. Carry water. Go out there and crush your former self.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

*I’d love for you to check out The Sales Life Podcast w/ Marsh Buice. There you’ll find 600+ episodes to prime your mind. Also, head over to The Sales Life Facebook Group where you’ll join a growing community of like-minded individuals like yourself.

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You were building your house the whole time

In Joshua Medcalf’s book “Chop Wood. Carry Water: How to fall in love with the process of becoming great,” he tells the story of an architect named Kota who built some of the finest homes in all the land. He poured his heart and soul into every home that he built. He was meticulous in his craft, obsessed over the details, and only used the finest materials.

But after 30 years of devotion, he went to his boss and told him that he was retiring so that he could travel and spend more time with his family. Though disappointed, his boss agreed, but asked if he could build just one more house. This house was for a special person, he said, and Kota was the only man for the job.

Reluctantly Kota agreed, but this time it was different. Instead of obsessing over the details, Kota delegated most of the work, paid little attention to the details, and used sub-par materials. Because he viewed this task as more of an obligation than an opportunity, the house didn’t have that wow factor that all of his previous other houses had.

When the house was complete, Kota went in to bid farewell to his boss and as he turned to leave, his boss said, “Kota I just need one more thing.”

Kota was just about to snap, when his boss handed him a small box with a ribbon tied around it. Upon opening the box, Kota found a key inside. “The house is yours, you deserve it,” said the owner of the company.

Kota had been building his house the whole time.

Had he known, he would have given it his all, poured over the details, and only used the finest materials, but it was too late.

Every day you are in the process of building your own house.

It may feel like you’re doing it for someone else.

It may look like that you’re just trying to work and pay the bills. From the outside looking in, you’d be right…

But your house you’re building is from the inside-out.

I don’t want you to reach a point only to realize that you’d been building your house the whole time.

See, it’s not the house, it’s what the house becomes in the process.

Because you pay attention to the details of your life & fight for the design that you envisioned in lieu of accepting it is what it is…

Because you don’t delegate your dreams away- hoping to be discovered, instead, you’re in the process of discovering more about yourself every day…

This is your house. You refuse to use the cheap materials of toxic people, negativity, alcohol & fast-food to build it because you know a poorly built house is no match to withstand the hurricane-force storms that may come your way.

You don’t get in Life what you deserve, you get in Life what you negotiate. Life will stand before you & say, “Here, you deserve this.” What you deserve is dependent on how well you negotiated through all of the times that you were wronged, cheated, stabbed, lied to, run over, laughed at, pointed out, & spoken down to.

So when you’re having one of those days, just remember these 3 words:

“Had I known…”

That even on your worst days, where you’re being pushed under in the worst ways…

You’re building your house the whole time.

What skills & mindset will you bring?

What materials will you use?

Or will you even show?

Only to reach a point in Life & realize it was all a test. It was all a process. And it was always about becoming.

“Had I known…”

Now you do.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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It’ll ALWAYS go your way…as long as you adjust to make it your way.

Here’s today’s show notes!

Marsh Buice:

All right, TSL, let’s get it. Welcome back, or welcome to another edition of The Sales Life. And The Sales Life is just not for those in the sales profession. It’s for those who are building the life skills of selling. So glad that you’re here today, man.

Marsh buice:

I want to talk real quick about market conditions. And many times in our Sales Life, we’re always adjusting or are always having to deal with market conditions. And we always want it to go our way, don’t we? But recently Seth Godin, the guru of them all, man, if you don’t know who Seth is, just go to Google and type in Seth and he will come up. He’s number one in Google, but his insight is always super, super interesting for me.

Marsh Buice:

So recently he was on a podcast with Brian Koppelman, another one of my favorite people. Brian Koppelman was the writer or is the writer for Billions. I think it’s on Showtime. And also one of my favorite movies of Rounders. And Godin recently said, he said,

“Professionals see any change in the market as an opportunity because they know why and who they’re doing it for.”

He went on to say that,

“Professionals will even embrace the momentary incompetence along the way to get good at something new because they know that when the world changes amateurs, they whine, complain and they go away. They go find something else. But the professionals see the change because they see it as a craft.”

Marsh Buice:

Poof. Bro, I heard this, I’m like, “Oh my God.” I mean, think about how you look at change. And do you look at change as a part of your craft? Do you view any change in the market, any change, doesn’t matter what happens, do you view any change in the market as an opportunity? Or does it always have to tip in your favor? And if it doesn’t, bro, you get big lipped. You say, “Uh,” and you whine and complain. See, if you view any market change, doesn’t matter up, down, sideways, expand, contract, polka dot, turns purple, turns dark, if you view any change, oh my God, it’s an opportunity. It’s a new game. It’s a new strategy. If you view that as an opportunity, bro, you’re on the mark of being a pro.

Marsh Buice:

But if you view change and all of a sudden it hits you out of nowhere, “Oh my God. I didn’t see this coming,” if that happens and you find that you’re the one who is complaining or you see people around who are complaining, that’s the mark of an amateur.

No matter what the market brings, it’s always going to go your way. Because as a professional, you adjust for the way.

Marsh Buice:

So, let me tell you, when the market shifts, what most people do is they hold onto their old beliefs, dude. It’s their old ways of doing things. “It’s the way we’ve always done it.” And what they do is, is they deal with the new change with always. And so what they do is, is they… Think about all the energy, bro, that they spend trying to take the old ways and cover up for that new change. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Think about some old school people, some people who aren’t good at adapting, those old school people, they don’t adapt. What they’re better at doing is creating stories and lies and layers of why it ain’t going to work. And what they do is they prop and protect, instead of releasing for growth.

Marsh Buice:

And professionals are willing to do so. They’re willing to do so because what they’re willing to do is, is they’re willing to look incompetent for a season, because they realize what they’re doing is they’re exchanging old tools for a set of new tools. And you get another level of good. I know this firsthand, dude. When I got demoted to finance- back down to the bottom rung, I had to embrace the incompetence. I had to see it as an opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t walk in there and say, “Hey, this is an opportunity.” No dude, my ego was bruised. No, man, I’d been propped up for years thinking I knew how to run everything. I could run a store. I could not run that department. Been too many years, got away from it.

Marsh Buice:

But everything shifted for me in my entire life when I saw the change as an opportunity. And speaking to that, that goes not only for profession, it goes for your entire sales life personally and professionally. If you can view any market change, whatever it is as an opportunity, then what you do is you lean into that fear. You embrace the incompetence. See, most people won’t embrace incompetence. They’re saying they don’t want to look stupid. They don’t want to look foolish in front of others. They don’t want others to look at you and say, “Damn, Marsh, I thought you knew what you were doing.” No I don’t. No I don’t. And everything shifted for me when I was willing to embrace the incompetence and become a master. And I had to release everything that I thought I knew. And I got a new set of tools. What’s interesting is, is when you exchange your old tools for a new set of tools, the old tools become experience and they cease becoming methods, the way that you do things.

Marsh Buice:

So here’s your TSL action item of today:

Every moment is an opportunity and you must see it as such. And so you’re going to have to adjust and adopt and embrace the suck. Embrace the fact that you look stupid and incompetent. But brother, let me tell you, it’s only for a season because when you can see any change as an opportunity and you embrace the incompetence, you see everything as part of your craft. Remember the greatest sale that you’ll ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.