“Have to” now so you can “get to” later.

Welcome to another edition of The Sales Life. The Sales Life is not just for those in the sales profession, it’s for those building the life skills of selling. Each episode, I’ll show you how to apply the skills that I’ve learned by profession to your personal life so that you can do, be, and have more.

Here’s the transcript from Episode #633 “‘Have to’ now to ‘get to’ later.”

Many personal development coaches ascribe to the idea that on those dread-days, when you ain’t feeling it and your heart’s not in it, you should just say to yourself,  “I don’t have to, I get to do this!” 


That doesn’t work for me.


As if those words are somehow supposed to make me feel enthusiastic about what I don’t want to do.


It’s not that I’m not grateful for the skills that I’ve developed along with the talents that I’ve been blessed with to get to sell, run 5 miles, write a blog, or create a podcast, but some days my get to ain’t enough.


Sometimes when you’d rather do anything else except what’s looming in front of you, you’ve just gotta say, “I have to…“


No negotiating. No options. It’s not fun and most days you won’t see any results…


But I have to get it done so that I get to create and choose options. 


Have to actions create get to results. 


 Have to is short term, whereas get to is long term. Have to are the days when I have to remind myself that out of the 24 hours in a day, 30 minutes of working out grants me the privilege of living longer, healthier, and fitting in a 34” pant (vs the 42’s I used to be in).


Have to are the days when I bang out 2 pages of thoughts on a legal pad for the next episode of The Sales Life Podcast, Blog, and Vlog. 


(What’s a have to that leads to a get to future for you?)


Have to sets the stage so that  I get to be the lead character in a life full of purpose versus a being supporting actor of chance and happenstance.


Look at it like this, an athlete has to work out early; stay after practice; hit the weights and cardio, every day, year-round- with no vacations, maintain a strict diet,  and have no fun, to be the best in town…


to be the best in the city…


to be the best in the state…


to be in the country…


in order be one of the best in the world…


and go down as one of the best ever.


Nothing great comes to you just by uttering the words, “I get to…“


There are going to be days when you are beat down, pissed off, sore, hurting, miserable, helpless, & hopeless.

These are your HAVE-TO days,  but if you push through on those have to days you get to choose your future.


Nothing great comes to you simply by uttering the words, “I  get to.”


If this is one of those days for you or have one in the future don’t forget this episode.


Have to now for a get to later. 


Remember the greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You’re more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the Sales Life. 


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Your Gains Are In Your Gaps

episode 631 The Sales Life Pod-Vlog

Jay Shetty had his good friend, actor Will Smith recently on his podcast. Shetty said that walking onto a movie set is like nothing he’d ever seen. The set is pressure-packed. Racing against time, everything has to come together just right.

Shetty went on to say to Smith, “I knew that you were serious about your personal development when you were in your trailer studying in the gaps between scenes.

One of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, Smith could’ve very easily returned to his trailer to be pampered and relax, but instead, in the little time that he had, he chose to expand his understanding.

How much time do you waste in the gaps? If you are like me, you probably don’t even recognize them because the GAPS are those seemingly inconsequential throw-away minutes that you spend scrolling when you could be expanding.

What’s deceiving is that it’s only a few minutes-3 minutes here…5 minutes there…7 minutes before…or a 1/2 hour until your Door Dash arrives, but if you add all of those sprinkled minutes together, it equates to 45 minutes that could’ve began to change your life.

And you never knew it.

Your gain is in your GAPS. Instead of consuming someone else’s life, you could be creating your own.

I used to think that I had to take some vacation time in order to work on my creatives only to get to that week and reward myself for working so hard by relaxing. The following week, I’d be back at work pissed off because I’d broken another promise to myself.

Your gains are in your gaps. You don’t have to rent a cabin in the woods in order to work on your future, you just have to mind your gaps.

Here’s how you do it.

If you want to read more, keep a physical book with you at all times, or preload an ebook, podcast, video, or series of blog posts to read at a moment’s notice.

If you want to write more take a legal pad with you to whip out and begin scribbling your unbridled thoughts.

The key is to have your book, pad, or videos ready to be put to use in the off-hand minutes that you have available.

I use the GAPS to begin proofing a blog post; edit a video clip; or start working on another episode of The Sales Life Pod-Vlog. I also use the GAPS to pop an ear bud in and listen to a podcast episode while walking to the accounting office. Five minutes there. Five minutes back, compounded over time = 100x ROI. (Minimum)

The only rule is whatever is que’d up has to be aligned with the direction of your future.

In 6 months you’ll be unrecognizable simply because you were sculpting your future in the GAPS, whereas others were scrolling their dreams.

Think about it. You have the same allotment of time as the richest man in the world. The only difference is that they mind their gaps and you don’t.

Mind your GAPS and you’ll manage your future.

Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you. Never settle. Keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life.

If you want to write more

When starting OVER, 4 leverages to take from your past and apply to your future.

You’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting from experience.

The Sales Life is not just for those in the sales profession, it is for those who are building the life skills of selling because we are all selling our way through life. In every episode I’ll show you how to take the skills that we learn by the sales profession and apply them to your personal life so that you never settle again. The sales profession has not only financially rewarded me, but more importantly it taught me how to get back up after being bankrupt, demoted, and divorced. The skills of selling literally saved my life. 

In this episode you’ll  learn how to switch gears from the heavy feeling of having to start over  to  leveraging your experience moving forward. 

After years of being at the same job, being in the same relationship, once having money in the bank, or a chiseled body  starting all over can feel overwhelming because you tend to look back at what you once were versus look forward at what you can do now. 

Podcast’s Palestinian Princess, Hala Taha, is no stranger to adversity. Today she has risen to the top of the charts with her Young and Profiting (YAP) podcast, but it’s been a hard fight. After being blacklisted in the radio industry and having her own show on MTV cancelled, Hala had a choice to either give up or press forward. 

Because I’m talking about her on this episode, you can pretty well guess that she chose the latter. She told Steve Olsher  of Podcast Magazine  that  

when you are starting over, remember you are not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience. 

When you are starting over, remember you are not starting from scratch, you’re staring from experience.

Hala taha


Read that again. You’re not starting over, you’re starting again. Sure, it’s all new and unfamiliar but you’re not starting at zero, you’re starting with a huge advantage  because you have experience over many who don’t. 

 4 leverages that you can take from your past and apply to your future. 

Life is not going to pave a road for you, but she will create a path.

  1. What skills did I not have then, but I have now?” Sales has taught me how to communicate better, think quicker and more creatively.
  2. “You don’t have to stay in the same field.” You think that you have to stay in the same field because that’s all you know, right? Wrong. You know more than you think, but you  stay in the same field because it’s familiar. The reason why you can’t get ahead is because life is trying to tell you to stop gravitating toward the same things. Life is not going to pave a road for you, but she will create a path. You already took the “L” anyway, try something new!
  3. “How can you adapt your learned skills to your new situation?” Developers will often create a new product using the old core because that’s where the strength lies. How can you walk into your new situation and match your learned skills to new situations? You situation is new to you, but old to them. Think of the tremendous advantage that you have over others who have been in the same environment. (P.S. That was you a week ago!)
  4. Become a ranger not a sniper. Maybe you became too much of a specialist in your previous life. You stopped taking chances and began playing it safe to protect your title or image.  If nothing stays the same, why should you? My demotion was THE BEST thing that ever happened for me because I didn’t have to keep the facade up anymore and could begin trying new things. (See #2 You took the “L” already)

Thanks for reading and pressing play. Please share  the message with someone who is starting “over.” If you want more, subscribe to get access to hundreds of previous and future episodes. 

Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you. Because you are more than enough. Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life.

Don’t go down with the slick. 3 ways to get off your slick spot.

When you get on a slick spot, you tend to pick up one or more of the 3 P’s:  Personalization, Permanence, or Pervasiveness. The more that you pick up, the worse things get for you. 

When you’re losing, you tend to forget that this isn’t your first slick spot nor your last one.  We’ve all had death spirals, but unfortunately this one’s yours. You’re the captain of this slick. Here’s how to make sure you don’t go down with the slick. (Hear this episode.)

When you’re losing, watch what you say because everything you say will be used for or against you. When you speak negatively, you’re re-enforcing the very thing that you don’t want to have happen. What was once a challenge when you were winning, now is seen as a threat in your losses.

 Psychologist Martin Seligman’s 3 P’s will help you stay out of whoa is me land so that you can deal with the hard moments of losses and begin to win again.

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Personalization:  When you’re losing you tend to personalize everything. You think it’s you and it is… but it’s not. 

You lean toward thinking that you’ve lost your touch; that this business isn’t for you anymore and you start kicking the can down the road. When you are losing, make it personal, don’t take it personal. Make it personal by adjusting your approach and technique while hugging up to your processes. (Winging it is the worst thing you can do right now.) 

Don’t personalize your customers’ rejections nor single out the losses. Like a good golfer, play the round not the hole. Don’t let one moment poo-poo your entire month.  

 Permanence:  If you know you can’t  go through your Sales Life undefeated, then why would you believe that you can stay defeated? It’s impossible unless you make it so.

 All of your customers can’t say NO, but make sure the NO you hear is from them and not assumed by you.

Pervasive:  I put this one last because this is usually the match that burns everything down. When you’re losing in one area,  you begin to expect to lose in every area of your life.

 Not so.

Your rough patch at work has nothing to do with your water leak at home; nor with the baby’s explosive diarrhea, or your blowout from your brand new tire on your way home, yet we tend to lump losses into the totality of life.

 Don’t let your mind go there. I make fun of the suck. I’ll have a zero or a $150 flat from a grinder of a deal and I’ll turn and say, “That’s how you put up gross right there.”

Your mind thinks that it has to be all serious and grim in that instance, but my action counters it. I make the adjustments and always look for next. I don’t give myself time to personalize it;  I know that it won’t last forever; and I’m not going to let it affect the next deal nor the rest of my day either.

This is hard to do and why most people don’t make it in sales because the losses all blur together and they bounce out too soon. Recognizing the 3 P’s will help you develop maturity and resilience- giving you a good stretch, but not a bad break.

Watch this episode recorded LIVE

  Which of the 3 P’s are you participating in right now and may not even know it?

 Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make it to sell you on you because you’re more than enough. 

Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

5 Ways To Spot When Your Momentum is Slipping

Momentum is sneaky because you never know when it’s going to kick back in nor do you realize that you’ve lost it, until it’s too late.

But you can learn to spot when your momentum is starting to slip.

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Here are 5 ways to spot momentum slips:

Mistakes: These are those boneheaded mistakes when you knew better, but didn’t catch the mistake. Instead of just brushing it off, recognize that it’s a slip in your momentum.

Assume: Instead of verifying your thoughts, you roll with, “I’m pretty sure.“

“Oh well:” This is the now versus maybe later mindset, when you say, “Maybe accounting won’t catch this error and if they do then I’ll act surprised and fix it because I just don’t have time right now,” or, “Maybe the office will let me slide on this one since they love me so much.” When you spot the error, fix it immediately. I stress to my young managers, “How you you do the smalls is how you do the all’s.“ Details can lead to destruction or pay massive dividends.

Wait for the wall vs find your wall. Why wait for the wall to come tumbling down on you before springing into action? Find your walls today. Choose difficult and hard. It’ll keep you challenged & hungry.

Challenge everything: When you are winning, work as if you’re losing. Having a hot hand can make you complacent. When you’re doing well, you tend to rationalize more and challenge less. You either decide for your customers or halfheartedly ask them to buy and if they don’t, you rationalize it away by saying that “they’re not ready or serious.“ The best advice that MLB player Keith Hernandez got was from Pete Rose, “Even if it’s a blowout, never waste an at-bat. Build your bats up that way you’re playing with house money,” but be warned, house money can either be your ally are your enemy. You can either keep adding to it or you can lose your edge and give your advantages away.

When it comes to momentum: it’s easier to keep it going and get it going.

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Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

*The Sales Life with Marsh Buice is not just for those in the sales profession, it’s for those building the life skills of selling. Because we are all selling our way to, through, and from something in life. Every episode teaches the skills from the sales profession and apply them to your personal life so as to never settle again. “What is” is not all there is.

Be an odds maker not an odds taker

Many times when I publish an episode of The Sales Life Podcast, I think of something else I wish I would’ve added to it. Which is why I love doing podcasts because I can add to the thought.

On a previous episode, I talked about the mantra comedian Kevin Hart’s mantra lives by,”Everyone is going to get dealt a bad hand. What do you do then? Most people turn and walk away, but you must keep playing. If you keep playing, you will significantly tip the odds in your favor.” 

It was after publishing that I realized that most people take the odds, but they won’t make the odds. 

Odds are statistical likelihoods of something happening. I remember in high school, a teammate told me that the odds in a skinny offensive lineman getting a college scholarship were slim to none. I defied those odds and got a full ride.

Hear this episode!

Most people take the odds of their current situation and give up.

 Odds say my business will not succeed.

Odds say my podcast won’t be a success.

 Odds say teenage mothers like me won’t finish college.

Odds say most people never leave my neighborhood.

Odds say that this business doesn’t hire people that look like me. 

We become odds takers and not odds makers. We simply take the odds at face value and sit in the stands, becoming bystanders in our own lives.

Today I want you to be an odds maker. Even when the odds look slim go after it anyway. You may look at the odds and see a high rate of failure, but what you don’t realize is that someone is on the other side of those odds.

Other than death, nothing has 100% guaranteed failure. So if it’s not 100%, then damn it you’re still in the game.

Play the odds through-even if there’s a 70 to 80% chance of failing because for every 10 people who tried, 2 made it to the other side. Those are the odds makers. They felt the fear, saw the numbers, heard the chatter, yet they played it anyway.


Even if the floor falls out and it doesn’t turn out as expected, I would rather know that I failed than assume I couldn’t succeed. 

So when you walk into the fires of fear, remind yourself that someone made it to the other side of the odds and if it’s going to be someone, then it might as well be you. 

The sales profession is an odds maker profession. I purposely go to work every day knowing that I’m going to lose more than I win, but that’s the only way that I will succeed. 

Take that sales mindset into your personal life today, knowing that you may lose more than you win, but take the odds on anyway because a loss is only a loss at face value.

In his book Pound the Stone, Joshua Medcalf writes, “How many sides are there to a box? Most people say 6, but actually it’s 12, because each side has a front and back.”

You went in with 6, but you walked out with 12 and because you played it through, the odds actually get better for you, opening you up for more options..and with more options come better odds.

What odds will you make today?

Watch this post!

Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough.

 Never settle. Keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life. 

  • The Sales Life Podcast is not just for those in the profession. It is for those building the life skills of selling. Every episode I take the skills that I learned by profession and show you how to apply them to your personal life as well. We’re all selling our way through life. Never settle. Keep Selling. Subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music or your favorite learning platform.

How to have better conversations and more conversions in sales using the TBOG technique.

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Comedian Kevin Hart has made a career out of TBOG. He takes what the audience is thinking about whatever scandal, headline, or shortcomings that he’s had and he makes a joke about it. Hart has made an art out of, taking the bullets out of the gun. Instead of trying to distance himself from the situation or shortcomings, he incorporates it. That way he controls the narrative. 
Take the same approach in your sales career. Take the “bullets” out of your customer’s gun.  Most people who own a gun are too scared to even use it. In the same way your customers have bullets. These bullets are objections, fears, and concerns that they are suppressing and are too fearful to voice them for fear of looking uneducated, unprepared, or weak.  If you’re ever going to be successful in sales you’ve got to learn the art of taking the bullets out of the gun- getting the conversation out of your customer’s head and into the open so that you can address their concerns and convert into more sales.    You can’t just run at your customers by asking, “What’s the problem?!” Instead have to create a narrative based on the cues that you detect from their body language, moments of hesitation, or indirect questions and statements that they’re making (aka tap dancing around the real concern). Take what you  perceive is their concern and make it a part of your narrative.   For instance, say you’re talking to a person on the phone who lives 500 miles away who calls about a used vehicle. In the course of the conversation you sense some hesitation. TBOG it. Make their hesitation a part of your narrative by saying, “Many customers that I’ve worked with were concerned that if they committed to a vehicle from so far away that it would show up in 2 halves or repainted with spray paint. Our vehicles are fully inspected and guaranteed. To be sure that this vehicle is the right fit for you, I’ll do a live video with you pointing out everything that I see. If the vehicle meets your expectations we’ll move forward, if it doesn’t we’ll keep looking around. How’s that sound?” Or a customer says that they want to shop around a little more. Find the fear. They say the vehicle has everything they are looking for, but….(they stall). TBOG it. “It used to be that you had to shop at 20 different dealerships, multiply times 4, divide by the square root of pie in order to make sure you’re not overpaying for a vehicle, right? Our vehicles are market-based pricing meaning that we price it right so you can buy right.” Here’s what’s great. 

If your perception is wrong your customer will correct you and the real objection will come out, but if it’s right your customer never had to voice the objection,  all they had to do is agree. That way you can address their concerns, build in more assurances, and move your sale forward. 

 Incorporate the TBOG technique  into your sales game today and have better conversations that lead to more conversions.   Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell  you on you because you’re more than enough.  Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.  

Consistency over Intensity

Let me tell you my M.O. I’ll have a grand idea and run with it with explosive intensity. At one time I’d committed to doing a podcast every day of the week. I vowed that I would blog, video, and record the podcast every day and post it to WordPress, YouTube, and on all of the podcast platforms as well-not to mention I’d post other clips elsewhere to help promote the podcast. A doable plan, if this were my only gig, but I have a full time job in sales.

By the second week, I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to go down to five days a week for my main podcast, but it still meant I had to do seven episodes because I had the other two podcasts that I’d launched as well. (One for young adults and one for those in the sales profession.) Needless to say, I couldn’t keep up with that pace either. To create more time, I decided to work on The Sales Life in the mornings and work out in the evenings, but after a 10 hour day, the last thing I wanted to do when I got off work was go workout. When the wheels came off, I’d drastically cut back to doing one episode on my main podcast, no video nor blog, and I dropped the other two podcasts. Not only did I not feel good about my success, but I didn’t feel good about my physique either.

Mental performance coach and speaker, Lauren Johnson was recently on The Leadership Locker Podcast with Rich Cardona where she nailed it perfectly for me,

“I would rather you be consistent than intense,” because success is an accumulation over time not overnight.

Think about that grand plan that you’ve had.

“I’m going to sell 30 this month.”

“I’m going to lose 25 pounds.”

“I’m going to get out of debt in 6 months or do a podcast seven days a week,” and you start off with incredible intensity, but you have no fuel for the consistency at that level.

So here’s what I want you to do today.

Graduate up so as to not free fall down.

#1. Be average first. You can’t be great until you become average.

#2. Ask yourself, “What’s the least I can do?” Instead of going for the most and risk burning out, start with the least and burn on. What changes can you put in that will not disrupt your life as you know it? For me, it was getting up at 5 A.M. every morning and working out. Yes it sucked, but it didn’t interfere with my family time nor did it matter if I had to work over because my workout was already checked off of the list.

#3. Level up. As the cement starts to dry through consistency, gradually raise your game and your intensity will rise along with it.

The benefits of putting consistency before intensity are:

  • It will keep your doubts at bay. In an effort to radically change your results, you’ll jump out there too hard and fast, but when you can’t sustain the pace and you get off track, your old doubts will jump on your back and you’ll revert back to your old, average ways.
  • When (not if) you get off track, because you’ve gradually built your success, it’ll be easier to get right back on track because you missed a step, not a flight.

You can’t get to the top of the stairs at once, but you can get to the bottom painfully.

Remember the greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you, because you’re more than enough. Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

I’d love for you to check out The Sales Life Podcast. Not just for those in the profession, but for those building the life skills of selling. https://the-sales-life-with-marsh-buice.simplecast.com/

Don’t “just be yourself” today

Many years ago, actor and comedian, Steve Martin, was talking to a young actress on a flight. She told Martin, “When I go to an audition, I don’t know who I’m supposed to be. Do I show up to these auditions all warm and bubbly? Or do I show up low key, as if I don’t need the job?” Martin told her the same advice that we’ve all gotten, “Just be yourself.”

Here this post on The Sales Life Podcast!

But since then Martin has recounted that statement.

He said, “Even after all these years, I don’t even know myself.” So how do you be yourself if you don’t know yourself? Moreover, how do you be yourself if you don’t like yourself?

Today Steve Martin advises others, “Who do you choose to be?”

Today you have a choice. You can choose to be the one you were yesterday, and have been for decades, or you can choose to be someone different.

What version of YOU would you like to see manifest in your life? Is your version the one who is rich, influential, impactful, fit, married, or sober?

Who do YOU choose to be?

Now it’s not going to be easy because you’re going to have to fight through old choices that have been layered over your life for many years.

Initially, you’re going to put out more effort and get smaller returns. Your ROE, Results On Effort, are going to be low. You’re going to find that you’re giving more effort and seeing fewer results, but that’s because you’re building momentum in a different direction.

You’ve got no problem building momentum. You’ve been doing that for years. It’s just been the wrong kind of momentum; unconscious momentum. This is the kind of momentum when don’t even think about what you’re doing. These are the poor choices, habits, toxic relationships and thinking, but when you start playing to who you choose to be, you’re going to be building a different kind of momentum that is focused, purposeful, and determined.

Stay with it. Pound the stone every day. If you do, you’ll reach the tipping point where everything breaks open and you’ll become what you’ve seen yourself to be a top producer, YouTuber, influencer, business owner, multi-millionaire, or maybe just sober.

Every day, ATF: Act. Think. Feel. Actions come first, feelings always come last. Because you may not always feel like a success, but you can damn sure act like one.

Today, don’t be yourself. Be who you choose to be.

Remember, never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

How I get 1000’s of episode ideas.

After doing over 600 episodes, people often ask me if I’m ever afraid that I’m going to run out of material?

My answer is never.

There’s no way, because everywhere and everything is material for me.

People think that you have to be secluded on a mountain side, away from civilization in order to get material. But the truth is you can get material from anywhere and anything.

Here are ways & whens that I generate content ideas:

Working out/Jogging. My #1 go to source for material (more-so than reading and I love to read) is PODCASTS. I love to pop in the ear buds and learn while staying in shape. On mile 4, I’ll hear an off-handed comment on someone’s podcast and get an “Ah-ha” idea to run with (no pun intended.).

Laughing with others. Great content comes from great conversations often times while over a beer and a ball game.

Heart to hearts. While helping a struggling salesperson or teenager, an idea will bubble up that can be shared with others.

Going over homework with my daughter. Yes you can learn from a 7th grader. Many of my episodes came from Mackenzie and I working on her homework.

Working with customers. In the heat of negotiations something will cause a spark of an idea.

Frustrations. My slick spots create great content. Because I am struggling with it, I have to put into context in order to explain it to to others. The clearer you are in explaining it, the better you’ll be able to learn, live, and share it.

I don’t know’s. Customer’s will hit me with a question that I don’t know the answer to. Game on! I get the answer and shareable content.

Other people’s posts. Don’t be so quick to like someone’s post. Read it, see if it resonates with you, and it may spark an idea that you can run with instead of just hitting a thumbs up.

My previous podcast episodes. But because I recorded it in a different season than when I’m listening to it now, I may interpret it differently and it gives me fresh material to share.

You’ll never run out of material and life will never get stale for you if you’re always looking at everything and everyone as material for you.

You don’t have a material problem, you have an attention deficit to capturing the material problem. You think that you can file it away in your mind and come back to it and write it down later. The truth is you won’t remember it so capture it in the moment.

One way that I capture material is I record it on the voice memo app on my phone. That way I’m able to capture not only specific words, but also the emotion and the thought behind it.

That way when listen I listen to it later, I hear the words, but I also feel the emotion that went with the words. Sometimes I’ll run with exactly what I recorded, but other times, I’m glad I didn’t run with it because I may think/feel differently now.

In my phone right now, I have over 1,600 recorded ideas for future episodes and I’m adding to it every day, but I started with ONE. Like any exercise, the more you do it, the better you’ll become at it.

The only requirement is you must live it in order to share it. (Otherwise you’re jut FOS Full of Sh**)

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, no matter what.

Stay amazing. Stay in the Sales Life.

The Sales Life was created to sell you on you. You have access to everything that you need in order to NEVER SETTLE AGAIN. You don’t get in life what you deserve, you get in life what you negotiate. How well you negotiate depends on how well you leverage the skills of Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism- skills that we learn by profession that can be applied to your life in order to be a top producer. Life is sales & sales is life. Welcome to The Sales Life. Connect with me other ways too 👇👇 The Sales Life Podcast https://the-sales-life-with-marsh-buice.simplecast.com/ TSL Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesaleslife/?ref=pages_profile_groups_tab&source_id=105195711202585 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiNqFo05MJ6_yCu1vJ3rX4A LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marsh-buice-1301ab23/

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