The Audacity To Have H.O.P.E.

Recently, my 16-year-old sent me a text message, “Life is like riding a bike, it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving.” We have reached a crossroads of sorts in life. Although you may want to stop pedaling, you must choose to keep the squeaky wheels rolling. You may not be gaining much ground, but the fact that you are still pedaling is a sign that you are winning. (Chicago) Bears Coach Mike Ditka said, “You are never a loser until you quit trying.” I urge you to have the Audacity to have H.O.P.E. Have the boldness, unrestricted thought, and disrespectful attitude to, Have an Opportunistic Perspective Everyday. Have the reckless abandonment not to care what the press, your friends, nor your family is saying about how bad things are getting. Seeds planted in the best conditions will grow.

Take 11 seconds of your day and talk to a co-worker or look at the television and see how fast the seeds of negativity get spewed upon you. It seems as though negativity is everywhere. Mass media has profited from reporting news of negative circumstances or behavior. Even your coworker profits from saying negative things while standing by the water cooler; the profit he gains are by the words he speaks. The tongue is compared to a tiny ruder of a massive ship steering it through both calm and tumultuous waters- so too does the ruder of your life’s ship steer you toward the things that you speak. For out of the mouth cry the issues of life.

Your computer system

If you listen to the external, you become deaf to the internal. Your gut instinct is your subconscious in action. There is a distinct difference between the conscious and subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious as the hard drive of a computer system and the conscious as the software. Every day your software is commanding your hardware what to do. Your subconscious takes everything as fact and does not know the difference between real or unreal. A computer’s software and hardware must be compatible to function properly, so does the conscious and subconscious mind. Do not allow a virus to infect your computer system ruining everything the system designed to do. What program are you running now, Neg 2.0 or Pos 3.0?

Vision and Sight

Think of it this way. Your conscious is your vision- it is what you expect. Your subconscious is your sight and what it sees is accepted as fact. You must keep the perspective that opportunity awaits you, all you have to do is visualize it and let your sight accept it as fact. What are you anticipating or eagerly striving for now? Guess what, you are probably receiving what you are expecting. Your vision will defeat the battles of your circumstances allowing your sight to win the war- defeating every self-deprecating, self-defeating thought trying to keep you down. The world was formed from a spoken word, do you still think your negative, spoken words are not powerful enough to knock you off track?

Anybody got a light?

Pessimism bites the hand of optimism. Pessimism is the Jim Jones concoction of your life’s success. Drink from that cup of thought and ruin your chances of excellence. Keep your hand open. Wake up daily, go to sleep nightly loving yourself. Become bold enough to hang up on life’s “telemarketers” selling defeat and instead create a fan page of your life. Your biggest fan should be you. Your problems are only temporary. Keep your hand open to receive the opportunities that surround you. No receiver ever caught the game winning touchdown with closed hands-they had to be open to receive, hence the word “receiver.” Someone else’s trash is your treasure. The hand of life will give you fire and coals. Coals are opportunities and stay smoldering until provoked, suddenly causing a spark. The spark becomes a fire and gives life to your dreams and ambitions instantly. Passion is the oxygen that fuels the fire. When was the last time you walked up to the smoldering coals of life and began stabbing and provoking the coals to cause a spark and breathe life into your opportunities? Dreams can go from darkness, to a spark, to light because of provocation and BOOM, a dream gives birth to reality.

My challenge to you is not to take the average road, byway, nor highway of life. Turn left on Audacity Road. Keep your mind open, stay bold, relentless, downright audacious to not let someone else be the offensive coordinator of your life. Script your own game plan; call your own plays, and score your own victories in your quest for life. H.O.P.E. is everywhere you envision it.

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