How Water Teaches You How to Live



Water always seeks the easiest route – it goes around things, it flows to the lowest level and fills the oceans to its highest.  There is no true resistance to water.

If everyday feels like you have to fight to get up, to stay alive and to keep moving then instead flow like water.  Find the path of least resistance – drop your burdens, which harden you into mud or ice.  To find least resistance, to flow, find what your heart truly desires.

That is where you will naturally flow.  That is the valley that has been carved into your soul.  

It is from the valleys and basins that people have found food and survival in our history.  Water flows to the lowest point and creates fertility.  

So follow the valley and river of your soul.  And even if you should not have a penny in your name then you will know freedom.  

The inspiration:  the world around us and the Way.

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