Keep Success At Arm’s Length

If you ask a room full of people what success means to them, you will receive a roomful of different answers. Success is subjective, meaning each person’s definition or view of it is different due to our individual value systems. Contrary to our actions, success does not have to be singular. Often, we view success as a singular item saying things like, “If only I had (blank), my life would be perfect.” But at the expense of what? If you gain something, what are you willing to give up? We have all chased something, like a promotion, and torched a relationship in the process. Success is possible in many areas if kept at arms length. To illustrate this, take a sheet of paper and hold it as close to your face as possible. That sheet of paper causes you to focus on one thing impairing your your vision to your surroundings. Now pull the paper away from your face gradually until you are holding it in front of you with your arm extended and locked. As you pull the paper back, you have the ability to see so much more. Keep success in perspective, kept  at arm’s length in an effort to manage the many different forms of successes albeit physical, mental, spiritual, relational, or financial.  Success should be plural, not singular.

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