Are Your Customers An “Us” or “Them”

It is not what you say…

It is not what you do….

It is how you make a customer feel that matters.

We spend a fortune in advertising driving customers to our showrooms, but what are we doing with them once they arrive?  We say and do remarkable things in an effort to get customers to show up, but often fall short in giving them the experience they are expecting.   When customers arrive do they get the “Wow” or “Whoa” factor? Does the customer get sucked into the energy vortex or or do they feel as though they need to take a number? Are they treated as though they are now part of an exclusive club- the “Us” movement or are made to feel as though they are part of the “Them” coalition- an outsider; the kind of outsider that feels like they are the last ones chosen on the 3rd grade dodge ball team.

Customers, like employees, want to feel significant. Why do you think the social media revolution has exploded? All of your Facebook likes and Twitter followers are null if we fail to make customers feel as they are an integral part of an organization’s success.  A business’ culture cannot be so drilled down into the day-to-day minutia and lose sight that our customers are the reason why we are there. Without them, there is no car to sell, vehicle to repair, or money to count.  As Jeff Gitomer wrote, “Make a sell, earn a commission; make a friend, earn a fortune.” Profits get fatter when a customer feels they matter.

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