When Rules Don’t Rule

Rules regulate everything from what we do, to how we act, to following procedures. When rules are broken, consequences have to ensue in order to restore things back to a sense of normalcy; without it we would have absolute anarchy. We have to have rules; rules give us a sense of security. The downside to rules is they can sometimes be so rigid and lack flexibility that they shatter the sense of security they were made for.

Due to public housing rules, my 8-year-old niece had to get rid of her wiener-dog named Bella. I’ve heard shadows louder than this dog; almost mute. She has had Bella for 3 years; many would say, “Hey the rules are the rules; do it for one, have to do it for all.” While that may be true, I forgot to mention how she got this dog. She got her wiener dog shortly after her mom and dad got in a fight. The fight quickly escalated and got out of hand to the point where her dad shot and killed her mom. Her father-distraught, bewildered, and enraged turned the gun and killed himself.  That cold, February night, she lost her security in seconds. Oh, I forgot to mention, she saw the whole thing; sitting helplessly in the car, she witnessed the two people she loved most breathe their last breath.

My niece and Bella comforted each other; Bella came was rescued from an abusive owner and my niece needed someone or something to help put the pieces of her life back together. Tonight, living with her grandmother, she will try to sleep without the thing that makes her feel secure. The rules are the rules though; do it for one, have to do it for all.

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