Prostitutes And Jaywalkers

I’ll bet you when you got into sales, you didn’t think of yourself as a prostitute nor a jaywalker. I don’t remember putting the word “prostitute” as the position I was applying for. Morally, we are neither one; but professionally, we have characteristics of both. See if your recognize yourself:

·         Prostitutes: Prostitutes are waiters; they wait for something happen. Normally prostitutes hang out with other prostitutes on the corner and are unwilling to look for a customer; they will simply just wait. The good news is prostitutes are rational people. They rationalize their poor performance; they will find something wrong with the day. Beautiful days are too hot, rainy days lack traffic, busy days lack credit worthy customers, and slow days-well slow days are wasted working with just plain unreasonable, stupid people. Prostitutes are masters at psyching themselves out of a sale instead of psyching themselves up for an opportunity. Prostitutes lack self-esteem; they view themselves as unworthy and allow their customers to have their way with them. When a sale is complete, the commission was not worth the effort. Poor performance begets a poor commission.

·         Jaywalkers: Jaywalkers are movers, risk takers, and almost seem to others less passionate, as crazy.   Jaywalkers know where they are going and they will get there as quickly as possible. Jaywalkers are trailblazers; although others may have the same destination, Jaywalkers will find a way to get there quicker. They know their time is money and have already chartered the course in their minds on how they will get there.  Jaywalkers expend no wasted effort; it is a perfect mix of positive planning and energy, laced with a bit of risk taking. Jaywalkers know that opportunity waits for those seeking it; opportunity will not seek those who wait for it.

Those who wait for something to happen receive a paycheck; those who go out and find opportunities earn a commission. Which one are you?

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