Are You Convicted Or Condemned?

To be convicted is to be found guilty and given a sentence of a specified time, with the chance of rehabilitation. When convicted, there is still hope; it means all is not forgotten; there is still another chance. This is not the case when something is condemned; being condemned means to be found incurable, lost, with no chance of being restored. When a home is condemned, it is found to have no value in the structure itself. The structure is considered to be unlivable and is marked for destruction. What little content value is left in the condemned structure is stripped, leaving it lifeless, decayed, and beyond repair. Once cleared, the only thing that exists is memories with a deceased future. Back to the question; are you convicted or condemned? We are all convicts; we serve sentences for multiple offenses; but are always eligible for parole. Serve your sentences and learn from your mistakes- you may get convicted for another offense, but don’t let it be the same one twice. Never be considered condemned, incurable, lost, or of little value. You are not who you were, nor who you wish to become; consider yourself a work in progress, not regress. Your sentence is limited; your future is not.

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