Nude, Basketball

I’m guilty of being a member of the All-Self team; clothed in self-comfort, self-righteous, and self-aggrandizement. As much as I thought I was helping others, I was only helping myself, until the summer of 2008 left me standing nude. I soon found out my golden calf was made of tarnished foil paper. When you are “on top of the world,” you have a tendency to mask your ills in layers of monetary fabric. Layer after layer, your problems get pushed deeper and deeper- until the moths of life’s circumstances consume every layer of fabric, leaving you standing naked, exposed. Standing nude strips you of the fallacies of life. If you think you’ve had it bad, stand nude- others have it worse; you think you are tough, stand nude- you’ll soon be sucking your thumb; think you’ve given everything you’ve got, stand nude- you’ve got more in reserve. Exposed, you have two choices: look at who you were or begin the journey of who you wish to become.

Think like a basketball. Basketballs become tougher the more they are used. The more they are handled, thrown, dribbled, shot and exposed to the elements, the stronger they become. Even with little air, a basketball will always bounce back.

Allow the circumstances of life to toughen your exterior; when life dribbles you bounce back harder; and never allow self-made moths eat your uniform.

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