Are You Selling Or Celling?

Do you look at the Blacktop as your personal playground or do you call it called the yard. Did you ace the interview and get the job or did you catch a case-a mandatory sentence with no other options? Do you take care of your customers by under promising and over delivering or do you get put in lockdown-hidden away from population, for your safety. Do you proudly represent the auto industry or are you just doing time– serving a sentence until something else rolls around? Are you earning a commission or having the minimum put on your books?

Start looking at your career as an art form and not a prison sentence. Don’t confine yourself to a have to mindset; sentence it to a want to mentality. If you want to alter your future, you have to stop celling and begin selling. The sentence you are serving is voluntary; you have the choice to be mediocre or become excellent; you are not a victim unless you choose to be.

Successful selling is the transference of feelings fueled by emotion and followed up by logic. Successful celling is to be sentenced to mediocrity fueled by reasons and confined by doubt. It’s your choice to be the Warden or the Prisoner.

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