Meat & Greed

Meat and Greed is good….at Outback and when playing a game of Monopoly, but has no place in a dealership. Are we doing a Meet and Greet or Meat and Greed when working with customers?  Ask yourself, how do you service your customer; based on commission or profession. Why are we patient and understanding with the customers who “paid all ‘tha money” but deal coolly with the customer who bought “the loss leader?”  How would you feel if your doctor treated you based on the profit you generated for him? What about if your house burned to the ground and your State Farm agent filed a claim based on how much you filled his kiddy over the years? Sounds crazy but we have all been guilty of providing service based on royalties. I don’t know why it is the happiest customers seem to be the ones who paid us a healthy profit; the worst ones seem to be the ones who we lost $2000 on the front, paid cash, and bought no warranty, and still thinks we ripped him off-what a jerk! Even so, “they” are “we”; they are our customers and deserve equal treatment regardless of profit.  Even when dealing with a difficult customer, never mirror bad behavior. Your words and actions can be water or oxygen; you can dampen the fire or fuel dissatisfaction even more. While we cannot please everyone, profit should never be the basis of how much attention and empathy we show to each customer.

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