Happy Dad’s Day

This day is where Father’s proclaim their day,

and Dad’s have their say.

Dad by its pure definition,

is the informal meaning of Father.

Oh I get it, informal means not official or ceremonial,

I choose to be a Dad- a father why bother.

There are no ground rules, no real definitions a Dad has to go by,

no rulebook to follow in the dead, isolate hours of the night.

He gets crapped and thrown up on,

forget ‘bout the presentation tomorrow,

Dad will wait to see a doctor all night long.

Dad does what he does best; he just is…

playing pick up games of  meaningless “tag- you’re- its.”

He’s there to help you after a defeat,

like mother’s job, his too is never complete.

One Dad knows another,

even before they officially meet.

Nothing wrong with Fathers,

without the act, there would be no offspring.

It takes more than a seed,

no honor there, that’s just creating another human being.

Dads are there, through it all,

the stuff you can’t write about,

the symbolic measure of coaching a child through the falls.

Dads will always be Fathers

Fathers will not always be Dads,

for it takes more than signing a certificate, to raise a lad.

Sign your checks; garnish your wages,

that is your seed you gripe about,

a grief that you’ll likely pay for the ages.

Your anger is more than garnishments and checks,

as a dad, I hope you get it soon before you live with the regrets.

To regret is to say “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.”

A life to be buried in a casket full of sorrow;

Dads don’t have time for that,

they’re too busy with planning for tomorrow.

This poem is to offer a sign of hope, maybe even growth,

Sadly, here writes a man who’s had the titles of both.

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