Someone Else’s Timing

On my way home from the gym this morning, I found myself waiting behind a small SUV for the light to turn green.  With only 1 hour to get ready for work, my mind was racing thinking of what I needed to get accomplished today. As I sat staring into the back of the SUV, the Jeep’s driver decided not to wait for the light to turn green. With no regard or caution, the driver pulled out into the right-of-way traffic, hooked a left, and went about her day; I don’t even think she realized what she had done-I know the baby in the back seat didn’t.  Had the Jeep’s driver waited a few seconds longer, people’s lives would’ve changed forever. In the eastbound lane, the driver, probably running late, wouldn’t have been able to brake in time and would’ve smashed into the back of her; even worse, the 35,000 lb fire truck traveling westbound would’ve changed the landscape of many people’s future, including those firefighters returning to the station.

 I’m reminded that when I’m not keeping time- giving little regard to others, Someone else is. Just because things are not happening or coming together fast enough for you or it’s another “one of those days,” consider the fact that you may be on Someone else’s timing. What seems to be keeping you FROM something is the very thing taking you TO your future. Timing is everything….it sure was today.

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