What’s all your hype about?

What’s all your hype about? Do you even have hype? Go to a concert, they have it; infomercials have it too. Flava Flav hyped up Public Enemy- heck, even MC Hammer had his own personal hype-man in his heyday.  Too Big MC’s only job was to hype up Hammer and the crowd. (Unfortunately, the hype didn’t carry over well for Too Big’s solo career) Hype is your personal call to action you create for your customers; more hype equals more sales.  Effective hype messages are reasons why a customer should stay and do business with you instead of continuing to shop your competitors.  Hype messages are created to make a customer feel like they will miss out on the chance of a lifetime if they leave. Creating buzz messages such as, “My manager is looking for this exact car for our inventory. Let me show you what he can do for you and let’s see if we can get you in this new vehicle now!” “You guys are the last deal of the night and my manager has to make it. You picked a great time to ‘look.’ Today is your lucky day! Let’s see how it looks on paper and get you in a new vehicle today.” “Mr. Smith, any other day I would thank you for coming in and tell you goodbye, but today is like no other. You will not believe the deals I’ve been able to get for my clients today! Let me show you what I can do and get you in a new vehicle now!”

Infomercials know how powerful call to actions are. Do you think the infomercial playing in the middle of the night really has a manager standing around in the call center with a stopwatch keeping track of the first 30 callers calling in the next 2 minutes in order to receive a 2 for 1 deal on microwave omelet makers? (How does he keep time when the infomercial is on different channels?) Infomercials do it because it works; when a viewer is afraid they are going to miss out on something, they pull the trigger and go from being a shopper to a buyer.

Every day create and rehearse your personal hype message. Rehearse your message so it sounds genuine and flows right. If you don’t practice it, it will lack sincerity and it will come across more as a sales pitch and less of a hype message.

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