You are the total package

You have everything you need to be an impact player in this world. You are equipped with unique talents to reach your potential. When you discover your talents and refine your skills you become unstoppable. There are no extraordinary people out there, only ordinary people who go to extra lengths to find what they are good at. The only difference between you and the next guy is determinism. The determined rake, prod, and probe until they realize their talents; their choices and decisions determine their outcomes. There are no victims in success; you must go on a search and discovery mission through the halls of your mind. Pull out the faulty wiring in the recesses of your mind-the wiring that causes a mental fire called doubt that burns down your dreams and ambitions. Rewire your mind, change your speech and find the coals of your talents. Immense pressures of those coals reveal the diamond you are.  It takes lofty expectations and unyielding desire to go to the next level. Just because you posses a talent doesn’t make you heir to the throne of success; the world is full of talented flakes. There are no miracles in agriculture; a farmer doesn’t chunk seeds from his tractor, wait a few months and expect to reap a harvest. He has to work the land, tilling up the old, dry compacted dirt to expose fresh, new, moist soil underneath. When weeds are removed, seeds are planted, watered, and nurtured, in time, the fruits of his labor are revealed. Don’t let your talents die on the vine; find thyself to know thyself. When you discover what you are capable of and work within your talents and skills, you will blow your mind. It takes faith to discover your talents and fear to keep them hidden.

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