Selling with your H.E.A.D.

We have often heard the mantra in sales, “like attracts like,” but few of us take the time to understand how this translates to our career in sales. In order for a customer to buy from you, they must first be able to relate to you. Chameleons thrive in sales because they have the ability to become likeable with their clients. The way they become likeable is by mirroring their customer’s personalities. This doesn’t mean you have to lose your flair or be someone you are not; it only means you need to minimize the traits that could potentially be a turnoff to your customers and accentuate the personalities that they can relate to, giving you an advantage in closing more sales. When become “one of them,” your customers will be able to relate; when they relate, they buy. Instead of using a “one size fits all” approach to sales, try using your H.E.A.D.

Hard-driver: This person has a dominate personality; they have more of a steam-roller, bottom-line straight- to-the point kind of personality. Hint: Get to the point with this kind of person; the fluff he can do without.

Expressive: There is no doubt what this person is feeling; they are expressive, use a lot of gesturing, and can be loud at times. Hint: Be visual with this kind of person, create a lot of hype and WOW factor with this kind of person. The bigger the show the more appreciative they are.

Analytical: I like to call these kinds of people “propeller heads.” Like Dragnet, it’s all about the facts. They show little emotion, very pragmatic, and if they have a sense of humor, you won’t see it. Hint: You better know your product knowledge. They will often ask questions already knowing the answer; they are testing not only your knowledge, but also your integrity.

Do-gooder: The Do-gooder wants to please everyone. They are the life of the party, likeable, amiable, and go with the flow. Hint: These personalities are very easy to get along with, but a word of caution; they will throw likeable stalls at you, giving you the impression that you have something, just not today. When you follow up with them, they purchased somewhere else, but they “appreciate all you did!”

Remember most of what you say is unsaid; it is done non-verbally. Sometimes we are so busy selling that we become blind to their responses and what is being said through their body language. Instead of using a “canned” personality with all of your customers bringing you mixed results, try adopting the H.E.A.D. method- adapting to their personality and begin to see more consistent results and close more deals.

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