Do you have intentions or a plan?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the road to success is paved with a good plan. Many people wrongly confuse intentions with a plan. Both are needed for success, but on different planes. It takes intentions to form the mental attitude, but it takes a plan to bring your intentions to reality. An intention without a plan is like having a Lamborghini with no fuel; sure you can push it out of the driveway, but you will need fuel to get it over the hill.  The reason why so many people burn out is because they have intentions to be successful, but no plan on how to get there. If I were to call my travel agent and tell her that I wanted to go to the Bahamas (Yes please), the first thing she will need to know is where I am departing? Sadly, we show up for work intending to sell a car, but have zero plans in how to make that happen. If you and I were to drive to Seattle-you have a GPS and I have nothing more than an intention, who do you think will get there quicker?  It’s great you have intentions on paying off your home early or knocking out the American Express Card, but do you have a plan? I know you intend to sell 14 cars this month…and how are you going to get there? You can’t just call the board and hope the Up Bus runs you over on the lot. It sounds so cliché to say, “It’s all about the numbers,” but the numbers is the Alpha to your success. You have to manipulate the numbers to work in your favor; 14 sales requires you to close 30% of your 47 ups; that means if you take your days off, you have to wait on 2 people per day. Pujols knows his earned run average; Lebron knows his field goal percentage; Brees knows his completion percentage; why don’t you know the most important thing that can turn your intentions into reality? Leave winging it at Hooters and keep it off the Black Top. If you intend to become successful, you need to intend to have a plan.

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