Stop looking for the hole in one

Statistics reveal the average golfer has a 1 in 12,000 chance of hitting a hole in one; the statistics can’t be much better for a salesperson looking for a lay down. You know the customer who comes in with the Sealy Mattress strapped to their back looking for an anything goes kind of deal. If you are hoping to win a brand new Chevy Silverado, take a gamble and buy a ticket at the chance. If you are seeking a successful sales career, manage the round, not the hole. It takes 25 days to make a month, not one deal. Too often we become sidelined, crippled, or burned out due to one lousy deal. When you can manage your emotions, you can manage your game.

Golf is a game of strategy; I should know, I am an expert on Wii’s Tiger Wood’s Golf.  Like the game of golf, a sale requires you to make adjustments to overcome mistakes. Yes, you will have a car that doesn’t start; yes, you will have one with the check engine light on; yes, you will have a “jumper” who leaps to the death of a sale as soon as you show him the initial figures. We all have experienced those moments, those blow-up holes; the difference between the Joes and the Pros is what do you do after that? Do you pick up the clubs and throw them into the pond; do you javelin your driver into the sand trap just before storming off of the course…or do you look at your circumstances and strategize how to get back into the game. 

In your bag you have a variety of clubs that will get you back into your game. Your sales career, your month, nor your day, will repair itself. It will take the right perspective, administration of your bag, and your management of the entire game to get you back on track.

Step onto the T-box and drive yourself to success-driving your knowledge and expertise of your product into an experience your customers will not forget.  From there, you’ll end up in a great position on the fairway, because you have committed yourself to hours of education and practice, rehearsing over and over until you got your presentation perfect. Grab your would of confidence and expertly show what your product would do if your customers make the decision to buy it; and don’t worry when you find yourself in the rough-everbody does. Remember, nobody said it was going to be easy, but with your iron-will you will wedge your way out of any tough moment and land onto the green ready for the putt. As the great Arnold Palmer said, “Putting is like wisdom..partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience;” you are blessed with immense talent; the battle scars of experience have kneaded you into the sales warrior you are today.  A sale, like the game of golf, is played on a very narrow course-between your ears; it is more mental than physical.  Think your entire game month through; manage your emotions, focus on the effort and the results will always follow. I’ve got next game.

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