Are you infectious?

Attitude, albeit good or bad is infectious; as a salesperson ask yourself, are you infecting your clients? Are you sneezing optimism on every opportunity or are you coughing doubt and pessimism spoiling your attempts in making a sale? The ABC’s of selling has traditionally stood for Always Be Closing. The acronym’s purpose is to remind sales consultants to always look for an opportunity to close a deal-even if it’s within the first minutes of meeting a new client. One thing the ABC’s do not address is Attitude. The ABC’s should address, Attitude Before Closing. A bad attitude is what air is to silver, tarnishing. A good attitude can overcome a sales consultant’s lack of skills; conversely if a salesperson possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills, but has a poor attitude, his already slim chance of making a sale are aborted.

Selling is already disproportionate; successful sales consultants are rejected 70% of the time, but if you have a poor, sour attitude your odds will go down drastically. Why do new sales consultants do well when they are first hired? Attitude. They have no experience in order to form their own biases toward a deal. They aren’t crapped out when a customer is rude nor do they appraise their own trades- in other words they don’t know enough to be dangerous…to their career.

Develop the antibodies to a poor attitude. Read positive articles, blogs, and tweets. Watch videos reinforcing a positive mindset. Speak positively about your daily opportunities instead of babbling about what’s wrong with your current situation. If you want things to change, you must first think, see, and speak differently. Think of your attitude as the hammer to your guns of success. Each bullet is loaded into your chamber with product knowledge, negotiating skills, as well as various other techniques, but it takes the hammer, the right attitude, for each bullet to make its mark. A bullet will not fire until first being slapped by the gun’s hammer; your success will never come full-term until your preparation has become infected with the right attitude. Attitude really does determine altitude.  

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