Everything Counts

When it comes to children, everything counts. What you do or don’t do counts, and if you think it doesn’t or they won’t seem to notice, try turning on any celebrity reality show where the patients have to get in touch with their inner child-their problems always seem to go back to their childhood. I was reminded of this recently while at, of all places, my local grocery store. The clerk, probably 17 years old, was scanning the items in my basket when he noticed the pre-cut Christmas cookies. “Making cookies, huh?” he questioned. Busted, I could taste the sugar cookies already, but decided to pawn it off on my kids; “Uh, yea, it’s for..for my kids.” Without a moment’s thought, the cashier named Patrick never looked up, shook his head and scoffed, “Wow, I never got that man, (tsk) memories.” Seemingly simply moments can snap things into perspective- a week prior I griped about hanging Christmas lights; just last night I blew up about having to get up and go buy a tree-instead I wanted to watch tv in bed.  You can always watch reruns, you can never rewind your children’s youth-cherish the moments, enjoy the time; after all, everything counts-just ask Patrick.

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