What can’t be undone and the power of T.W.O.

Scrambled eggs can’t be undone. Neither can your past. The only guarantee in your life is right now. Often we focus on the tiny rearview mirror affectionately known as our past, instead of being fixated on the large windshield of our future. You can’t be bitter and sweet, you can’t be hot and cold, neither can you move backward and expect to advance forward in your life. Sometimes we become stuck because we like it. Not because it is enjoyable, but because it is familiar-we always gravitate toward familiarity. T.W.O. is irreversible-no exchanges, no refunds, no store credit. Each instance, Time, Words, and Opportunity are issued only once. When they are spent, they are gone forever. Spend the currency of T.W.O. carefully and make each one count. Your brightest days are in front of you-what got you where you are today can’t be undone. What got you “there” tomorrow, next month, or next year is up to you. Move forward, your destiny awaits you.

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