Dollars In The Darkness

“What’s done in the darkness will always come to light.” Many fallen political figures, celebrities, and athletes have had this adage stamped on their careers…as well as yours. It’s what you are doing in the darkness that is hindering your sales career. The difference between meeting your draw and exceeding your wildest expectations is what you are doing in the evening. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your efforts go right along with it.

Remember when you were a new salesperson and you stood outside, roaming the lot like a caged tiger waiting to spring into action; 30 days later you are “networking” with your fellow salespeople in front of the dealership talking about the latest fantasy football pool-God forbid a customer drives up while you’re in the middle of a story, the customer will just have to wait. Within 60 days of employment, you have graduated from a novice salesperson to receiving your Master’s Degree in knowing who can buy and who can’t-who is worthy of your time and who is not. The car business is wonderfully simple; selling success is performing simple techniques to absolute perfection. There wasn’t anything complicated to Coach Vince Lombardi’s play calling; he was maniacal in performing a few simple plays until it was perfect; opponents knew what the play was, but it was performed with such perfect execution, they couldn’t stop it.

When was the last time, leaving for the day, you got out of your car and took one more up..or did you instead  look down at your radio as if you didn’t see them.  When was the last time you made just one more phone call, even though you had a trying, frustrating day?  When was the last time you followed the customer home to pick up their trade in order to work a deal instead of telling your manager you set an appointment for tomorrow?  Success is like a muscle, the more you stretch it, the stronger it becomes. What was once a challenge becomes the new norm.

Greatness is never achieved by being average. There is no such thing as extraordinary sales people, only ordinary people who are disciplined enough to go to extra lengths and do the simple, menial tasks every day in order to achieve their goals. What you do in the dark will always payoff in the light.

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