More Emotion, Less Logic

What’s rational about buying? NOTHING. In sales, we work in a world full of irrationalities. Is there any rational, logical reason why a customer decides to trade in their vehicle? Maybe it’s because of the newest color, or possibly they fell in love with the lifted Jeep chromed out with shiny, oversized rims and tires, or just because they don’t want to buy new tires for a vehicle they are currently driving?  Ponder this, if the decision to buy were a logical one, then why did we Americans recently spend a record $11.4 billion on Black Friday?  Do your kids really need more toys for Christmas? Does your teen have to have the new Call Of Duty on Xbox? Do you really need another 60” flat screen 3D TV with internet capability? If logic had anything to do with buying, the flat screens would be in boxes and on the shelves instead of being set up on the wall showing Jurassic Park on Blue Ray DVD while the sound is piped in by the best surround sound your credit can buy.  Best Buy is appealing to your emotions not your logic. Simply put, people buy because they want it, not because they need it.

There are two businesses here that are selling Christmas Trees- both of them are on the same road, 600 yards apart. The first stand is outside and dimly lit by 20 light bulbs strung together; the other one is quaintly nestled inside of a vacant dealership-paved, well lit and completely under roof. One business sold out of trees a week ago while the other one dropped from list price, to 50% off, and now all their trees are 20 bucks-and there are plenty to choose from.  The roadside Christmas Trees could be seen by everyone passing by, triggering an emotional decision for drivers to pull over and spontaneously buy a tree. Ever sold to someone on their way to the movies?

Why does a dealership have millions of dollars  of new and used car inventory prominently merchandised in perfectly straight lines? Why are there 24 pictures of each vehicle on your website? Why is your sales manager on your case because your demos are down? Because they know what every retailer knows. When a customer is visually stimulated, the emotion to buy will always trump logic. Stir up your customer’s emotions with a visually stunning walk- around, create the sensation of ownership, with a long test drive-not a quarter mile drag race. Impregnate your customer with so much passion, they can’t go anywhere else.   Remember logic tells, emotions sells-never confuse the two.

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