Talk To The Hands

Do you realize you say more nonverbally than you do verbally? In sales, we think we have to learn 9000 different word tracts in order to overcome every possible objection, but the truth is you may be losing the potential to make a sale based on your body language-the non verbal cues you are displaying to your customers, in particular your hand placement. 

Next time you are working with a customer, pay special attention to your hands’ placement. If your hands are behind your back, you are too reserved. If your hands are in your pockets, you’re SCREAMING casualness. When your hands are in your pockets, you’re nonverbally telling your customers you don’t care whether they stay or leave. (Wonder why your customer isn’t excited about your product?) If your hands are on your side, you are being confrontational. (As if this business isn’t confrontational enough.) 

It’s not what you say as much as it is what you portray. Your speech should align with your body language. Use your hands together with your knowledge to convey the passion you have in your product; it will help stir up your customers’ emotions and lead to more sales.

See you next time on the blacktop!

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