What’s Your Point?

Recently, I overheard two runners conversing about pushing beyond the “sticking point.” You know the point where your mind tells you to retreat; where your legs feel as though they will buckle beneath you. The runner being asked the question took a sip of water, thought about the question and said, “I’ve become faster from Point A to Point B, because I push myself to Point C.”

In life, you will never grow if you stay between the two points-those are the points of familiarity. True growth occurs when you push yourself out into the galaxy of the unknown stretching, clawing, and scratching out of desperation to arrive at Point C. Pushing beyond your natural limits causes unnatural outcomes. When you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you enter into the new learning zone, learning a new mental toughness, a new inner strength, a fresh level of strength you never knew you had.

Commonly we only see this transformation when someone has a life-altering occurrence; the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, termination, or divorce just to name a few. One hits life’s wall and through sheer determination, pushes themselves beyond their natural tendencies and enter a new realm of self-validation.

What’s the point? Every day needs to be life-altering because true growth is beyond two points. One more up, one more phone call; one more rep, one more counseling session, or one less fry…just one. When you go beyond, the lines of normalcy expand and the cycle begins yet again. Exertion causes growth; familiarity diminishes.

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