You’ve Got A Big Ole’ But!

Man you’ve got a big ole’, good lookin’, juicy But!  To get a But like that, it must’ve taken many years of hard work to get that kind of But.  You’ve made excuses, exceptions, reservations, and countless other adjectives of limitations in an effort to border why you can’t do something. In short, you’ve allowed your But’s to render your potential impotent.

The only thing holding you back is your buts-not your past, not your upbringing, not your boss, not your lack of income, not your customers, not the economy, nor the construction in front of your dealership. That pesky little conjunction, a.k.a. the but, is standing in the way of your ultimate success. If you are using but as a reason why you can’t do something, swap it for the word and instead.

·        Last Year You: “I’m in debt up to my eyeballs, but if they’d get the right inventory and start getting some of these customers bought I can get myself out of this mess.”

·        New Year You: “I’m in debt up to my eyeballs and am willing to sit down and figure out what logical steps I can do different in an effort to get myself out of this mess.”

·        Last Year You: “I want to move into management, but I don’t have a shot. They’ve got the golden boy pegged to be next in line.”

·        New Year You: “I want to move into management and know that I’ve got to be consistent in sales, put forward a strong work ethic, and act the role before I receive the title.”

Buts deflect personal accountability, blaming everyone and everything but the one making the excuses, whereas ands link a problem with a probable solution. Ands maintain accountability; buts deflect it.

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