Can They See You?

Fearful of the Boogie Man, my 4 year old daughter asked me to escort her into the garage so she could get a soda. As we approached the door leading into the garage, I opened the door and stopped. Sensing I was still with her, she opted not to turn on the garage light and waded into the darkness in search of the refrigerator. Once she realized I was not with her, she immediately stopped and called out, “Daddy?”  “Baby I’m right here,” I called from behind the door. “But I can’t see you,” she demanded.

Even though my voice could be heard, she needed the assurances of seeing me in order to totally feel protected; those who you lead are no different. Employees need to feel protected; they’ve got to know [and you’ve got to show] you’ve “got their back.”

Managers are heard; leaders are seen.

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