I love to eat and I don’t miss very many meals, but just because I can halfway cook, doesn’t make me a world-class chef. Similarly, just because someone has “Sales Consultant” typed on their business card doesn’t make them world class either. If you want to be world-class on the blacktop, you’ve got to think like a chef.

  • Season:Chefs season to perfection-not too little, nor too much. To maintain consistency, they use exact amounts of seasoning. In sales, you must season your product presentation with product knowledge, 3rd party reviews, as well as peppering in some real world experiences of customers who have already purchased their product from you. Not only does it give you credibility, but it will also make you more likeable.
  • Set It: Chefs would never put a steak on a cold grill! They first get the grill searing hot. Through proper qualifying questions, you must find out your customer’s hot buttons and then market your presentation accentuating those key areas.
  • Time It: Chefs are precise with their cook times. If overcooked, you will bore your customers and burn your chances in making a sale. Yet, if undercooked your customers are cold, unemotional and use excuses to leave. They use excuses saying they just remembered they have to have a lung transplant in 5 minutes. (At least they promise to return) Prepare your presentation with perfect timing; set your presentation between 3-5 minutes-more or less depending on your customer’s body language.
  • Serve it: Last but most importantly, chefs know how to serve it up. Chefs are artists; their plate presentation is their canvas. Chefs prepare a meal-of-art appealing to their diner’s sense of sight in an effort to enhance their interpretation of tastes. You must make your product presentation visually stunning. Appealing to a buyer’s sense of sight triggers the emotions; when emotion trumps logic, you have the makings of a car deal.

Peter Drucker noted, “It takes less energy to go from very good to world class than it does to go from miserable to mediocre.” If you want to be the best of the rest, think like a chef. Season your presentation; find your customer’s hot buttons, don’t overcook your presentation; and serve it up with a visually stunning presentation. Enjoy your meal! I’ll see you next time on the blacktop.

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