What’s In A Name?

I love to learn from the best and the brightest our industry has to offer! If you are thinking of becoming a sales consultant, New York Times best selling author Gus Cardone will arm you with the skills necessary to become successful; Learn To Lead master Dan Anderson will help you establish foundational principles to lead yourself and others. Prospect king Frank Taylor will show you creative ways to attract more prospects and VIPautosLIVE’s Bill Compton will help you virtually market your message. Don’t forget about Chuck Saraceno and Matt Myers as well as Ronald Paglia, the masterminds who created the automotive social media platforms DealerElite and Automotive Digital Marketing.


Saying Grant (Cardone), Dave (Anderson), Fran (Taylor), Bobby (Compton), Chris (Saraceno), Mike (Meyers), and Ralph’s (Paglia) names wrong won’t warrant me any favors nor will not taking the time to know or pronounce your customers’ names correctly yield you a sale. If you wouldn’t marry your spouse not knowing her name nor insist your newborn remain nameless for years, then why would you begin to write up your customers and say, “What’s your name again?” Your customers aren’t willing to invest in your vehicle, because you are not willing to invest in them-not knowing their name is the ultimate sign.

Who doesn’t love it when your Starbuck’s barista barks out your usual upon seeing you? Having your dry cleaning waiting as you pull through the drive thru is the extra wink. Checking into a hotel and having the guest relations attendant personalize your check-in using your name makes you stand a little taller-even having an email personalized with your name instead of “Dear Valued Customer,” will more likely trigger a response. Customers demand service, but pay a premium for personal service.

94 oz Thirst Busters, 99 cent chicken biscuits, and Get It & Go gas are commodities; $5 premium walnut/ pecan blend java, foie gras, and that $38,000 vehicle are not. Customers don’t need what you have to offer, but you need them to want it. What’s in a name? Your future…

See you on the blacktop!

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