Break Out Not Even

Do you remember as a child being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? After being asked the question, your eyes instantly glazed with excitement as you stared into the abyss of your future. You were too ignorant to understand how and too young to understand why-you just knew that you knew; you were determined.  How high was high, literally? Our wishes ranged from athletes to astronauts, actors to accountants, artists to anthropologists-a child will say almost anything, but will never say, “I want to become average!”   Somewhere we took a wrong turn and allowed others to blueprint our lives. Our inabilities were governed by too’s- too short, too fat, too black, too ugly,too old, and too broke. When did we allow someone else’s thoughts of us to become our reality?  Why would you give up hundreds of hours of your life studying your product, practicing negotiating skills, and learning how to better serve your customers? Why do you show up day in and day out to face customers who hate and fear the industry you represent? Why are you willing to work in an industry where you must fail more than you succeed in order to succeed? Why would you do all of this in order to break even at the end of each month?  Are your monthly goals set on what you need to make in order to keep your home out of foreclosure or instead are your goals set to what you want to make in order to send your 5 year old to the best college in the country? Are you bunting on life just to get on base or are you willing to take a swing in life with a full count, bases loaded, bottom of the 9th?  There are no miracles found in average.

Congratulations, you are worth it! You live up to your self-worth; what you think and do determines your self-worth. Good or bad, you are self-made. If you owned a Bugatti Veyron (a couple of million), would you even bother to properly maintain it; do you know what you are worth? The Journal of Hospital Practice reported if you calculated everything that makes up the average sized person (i.e. your enzymes, hormones, organs, etc.) it would total to over $6 million (at my height and weight, I’m worth a little more).  If your body was totally recreated it would tally up to a whopping $6 trillion! You are already worth millions, act like it; live up to your potential not your net.

Stop being a W.I.M.P. WIMP stands for: Won’t Invest More Persistence. Life is all about taking risks. Why would you work in an irrational business and think rationally? Selling requires one to be audacious, daring, bold, and brave. Branson, Buffet, Gates, or Winfrey don’t play the game of life to break even; sure, like all of us, they face loses, setbacks, and embarrassments, but they know what they are capable of and persistent enough to saddle back up and take another shot.  Stop looking for the low hanging fruit; the best fruit is found when you are bold enough to climb the tree and risk venturing out on a limb.

There are no mulligans in life; your life is a book composed of many chapters. What you are today has already been written, your best chapters are yet to come. Live full, die empty. Break out-not even. I’ll see you on the blacktop!

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