To this day I can still remember Saturday mornings riding to the gas station with my dad to fill up the old, tin gas can so he could mow the yard. What was a necessary evil for him was sheer bliss for me because it was one of those rare moments where it was just him and me-even though we often rode in silence, I just enjoyed just being with my dad. The highlight of my trip was when he was finished at the pump he would go inside to pay for the gas and would “surprise” me with a five-cent piece of sour apple bubble gum. I was ecstatic. Sure, as I grew older, there were great Christmas’s, mopeds and go-carts, and memorable cars, but Saturday mornings were one of those moments that may have seemed meaningless to him, but very meaningful to me.

As leaders, both parentally and professionally, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference in the lives of others. At times, we are guilty of giving all or nothing. We try to give the biggest, newest, or shiniest of something and we can’t do it, we mistakenly end up giving nothing at all. Sometimes it’s just got to be good enough; what someone considered priceless bore the least expense. Affirmative words of appreciation are good enough; showing concern during uncertain times is good enough; being there, sitting silently while someone unloads the burdens of their fears and pains is good enough. Holding the candlelight of friendship when the world turned out the lights is good enough.

When is good enough, enough? When it comes from the heart instead of the hand.

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