You can’t have a best without a test

The other day I was looking through one of my old journals when I came across an entry dated for November 30, 2010. It was the last day of the month and I had just ended up with the worst used car month in my career-trumping the previous held record barely a month old. Not only was I coming off back-to-back negative record setting months, I was also over budget in inventory and was facing the very real possibility of losing thousands of dollars in aged inventory. Today, 31 months later, at the same dealership, I am finishing one of the best months of my career, but it would not have been realized had I not stayed to fight.

The business I loved and had literally given my all to was now my fiercest contender. When you find you’re at a crossroads in your career you have to make the choice to either fight or flee. Remember, what you’re running from you’ll eventually be running to because problems are like schoolyard bullies-they’re always looking for a fight, anytime, anyplace. Only when you are willing to stand and fight through your problems will you find your strengths and reveal your greatest opportunities. Your lowest point today sets the stage for tomorrow’s success.

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