You’ve made it very clear that consistency is key.. Therefore what is the key to consistency? I understand it’s self explanatory.. Where dose it start? How do you maintain it? And why like myself are there so many talented salesman lacking this??

Consistency is something we ALL struggle with on a daily basis. It’s important in sales that you don’t find yourself reacting to the day/circumstances. When you react, you net the results-if no one is selling that day, and you react, you will fall into the same trap as the others. 

Selling is the ability to influence your customers- trigger the emotion and they will logically justify the sale. But as a salesperson, your day is planned exactly opposite: logic/emotion. Here is where the consistency comes in. 

At the end of the day, plan tomorrow- it takes 5 minutes and you wont find yourself forgetting. (We all think we can remember it)

Now instead on waiting to be sold, go actively seek it. If you’ve been in the biz a while, make 5 phone calls to old customers. Don’t try to sell them anything, just touch base with them (do this every quarter at least). Find a box of old customers a sp left behind and call their customers letting them know you will be taking over the account (update their records and invite them in to put a face with a name..maybe even a test drive). Regardless of how nasty that customer (Up) was, find a product article and email it to them or send them a brochure (do it free online). Then call them letting them know to be on the lookout. Call them with value & not like a bill collector. Meet 2 customers sitting in service-put a face with a name…offer to evaluate their trade with no obligation (if you were to upgrade would it be bigger, smaller, or about the same?) Pick one product each week and spend 10 minutes each day learning something new. Do a mental walk around (stare at the vehicle and envision you walking around the car putting on a show) while waiting for an UP. 

If you do this each day, the results will compound-it will not seem to work initially, but keep at it. Sp want instant results and when we can’t see the results we stop investing in people and activity. Take an investor’s mindset not a lottery winner’s.

In short, pick 5 things that will advance you toward a sale. (old customers, orphan clients, service customers, internet/phone leads, product knowledge) Do the core every day and you’ll never be a victim again. Be brilliant at the basics. Athletes make it look easy because of the practice and preparation that leads up to it. They practice way more than they play-but when they play, they are a Pro. 

One last thing, every day, do something that you fear- whether its working the phone (most sp hate the phone) calling a customer you haven’t seen in years (even if they bought elsewhere, bring them back home to you), or working with an age range person you normally aren’t good at (I was terrible with older people, so I had to confront it and learn how to get better.)

I hope  this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. 


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