Red Ink Shows Faster Than Black Ink


Why does it take 7 positive surveys to overcome 1 negative one? After having one bad month, why does it take 3 months to get back on track?  Explain to me why I must work with 4, 5, even 8 prospects before finally making 1 sale?

Red ink doesn’t flow faster than black ink-it merely shows faster. The truth is we need red ink moments in life to quickly remind us when we’ve lost our desire or been lured into complacency. Think about it, if you lived every day in the black what would you be willing to risk? Why stretch if everything’s within reach?  How do you overcome a setback if you’ve never had one? What’s a peak if it weren’t for the valleys? How do you savor a hard fought win if you’ve never tasted the shards of defeat?  Red ink moments poke us to make black ink adjustments.

When you’ve scribbled in the red and lost your momentum, are you committed enough to begin again? Can you feed into the machine of momentum even when it when it gives nothing in return? Are you willing to make one more phone call, show up one more day, catch one more up in spite of the overwhelming odds that you will fail? Oh, you’re going to fail, the question is can you keep on failing until you finally win?

Red is a primary color-it stands alone; no two colors make up the color red. On the contrary, black is the presence of all colors. In sales, you have the choice to either stand alone and rationalize why you’re in the red or you can instead use the reds of defeat as fuel for the future-mix together the greens of focused activity, blues of being in the moment-wherever that may be, and the yellows of becoming a life-long student of the game (i.e. your craft).

Mix all of your colored moments in life together to build the momentum of a brighter, “blacker” tomorrow.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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