Don’t Let Them Be Silent


My daughter Mackenzie loves to hide from me when I come home from work. Upon hearing the door chime, she’ll jump up to run and hide. To help me find her (usually under my bed or in my closet) she will say something, cough, or giggle- the minute I find her she bursts out in laughter and jumps into my arms.

With the uncertainties of life mounting- from debt to divorce, your salespeople are fearful of what the next Up or next day may bring. Showing up for work can often become their cave from which they can hide from the mountain of pressures that await them outside of those gates. Instead of exposing themselves to more rejection they hide in plain sight- present yet not engaged in creating a better future for themselves.

A part of leading is not allowing those you lead to hide. Now more than ever they need you to poke, prod, and push them into action. When they’re at their lowest is when you, as a leader,need to become their most. Keeping them active will prevent them from marinating in the negative thoughts pounding in their head.

Crowd out their negativity by keeping them active- setting the expectations will give your people a renewal of hope to play for each day. Because you haven’t given up-believing in them and have their back, they will fight with their last breath not to let you down. They may have let themselves and their family down, but they won’t let you down. Ironically, as they begin to win again, the positives will bleed into their personal lives as well.

Toxic thoughts grow in the shadows, step into the light with action. If your people aren’t making a noise, go find them.

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