Botox, Augment, & Tucks


Today, you can inject, enhance, and tuck nearly any part of your body,  Want fuller lips? Done. Want a bigger butt and calves? Done. Want to get rid of that spare tire lurking around your midsection? Done. If you can afford it, you can have it your way- fuller, plumper, and extracted.

You can make your dealership look any way you want it to. You can post mindless mission statements and inject empty word tracks and beliefs into the lips of your people. You can build a Taj Mahal styled building and enhance it with the latest, greatest technologies of automatic doors, marbled floors, espresso bars and delis, flat screen TVs , and air conditioned bays. You can slap your name on every scoreboard and little league team in town-boasting how much your organization does for  the community while tucking the indiscretions and slights into the folds of “the cost of doing business.” 

Today, we want the results, but we don’t want to do the work. No one likes to work out. No one wants to sweat, strain, and limp their way to success. It’s easier to take a pill and wake up to anew. Working out is hard-depriving the gratuities of today to reap the investment of a better tomorrow is not glamorous at all, but true worth is esteemed by what doesn’t come easy.

The sweat of investing to make your people better both professionally and personally; the strains of doing what is right even when no one else knows it is wrong; the decision to not report what wasn’t delivered-choosing instead to face today instead of fading the heat tomorrow. Some days you are winning even when the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it.

Sure, almost anything can be manipulated and injected to look good, except caring-that has to be worked out. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Work it out-no it’s not pretty, but it’s lasting. 

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