Bust or Bust?

The Halls of Fame and Shame both contain busts. Walking in one Hall are the collections of those who manifested what it means to sacrifice. Even though they were beaten, battered, and bruised, they kept showing up.  When the motivation and the newness wore off, they relied on the passion and discipline that was etched into their heart. Busts like these grew deaf and mute-they couldn’t hear what others said couldn’t be done; they refused to tell the world what they were going to do, instead they first decided to show it.  When others wrote them off, they rose each day to prove it-not to others, but more so to themselves.

The other Hall is much different. At one time they were a wild bronco chasing their potential and bucking off any challenge that came their way, but stiff competition and mounting pressures soon broke them-today they walk in acceptance-rationalizing their existence of mediocrity. They were guilty of reading today’s headlines-sitting back, they felt they’d finally arrived and ignored the realization that today’s banner will soon become yesterday’s news-the bottom rung on tomorrow’s ladder.

Success is not for sale, it can only be rented and the rent is due every day. Having talent is not enough-it’s what you do with that talent that determines your significance. You can either live a life full of failures or die with regrets. It’s what you are willing to give up, do without, make the best of, and try again that separates your bust from the busts.  

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