Success Comes From Short-term Memory Loss


During a game, athletes don’t have time to get hung up on a good or bad play. Good players make plays-they may cause or recover a fumble; they may run an interception or return a punt for a touchdown. On the flip side, good players also make mistakes-they fumble the ball at critical times, throw an interception while scrambling to make a play or send the overtime winning field goal wide left. Those with a mediocre mindset are squatters- encased with a long-term memory, they squat on the yesteryears of accomplishment or coward from their costly mistakes forever sequencing their failures to play in their mind’s eye. Hiding in the long shadows of their potential, they can’t seem to move on. On the contrary, regardless of the outcome, great athletes don’t dwell on what just happened; instead they focus on the effort of what’s next. Short-term memories hail long-term results.

As a sales athlete, you’ve got to dump your long-term memory and opt instead for the short-term mindset.  As sales consultants, we are guilty of either celebrating or suffering too long. As we prance around gloating at the fact that we are on track for our best month ever, the remainder of our month passes us by and we are left only to stare at the ashes of what could’ve been. Feeling as though we are cursed from the car gods, our memorable milestones of what we once were now have morphed into the millstones of fear, doubt, and low self-esteem dragging down our dreamed ambitions-the bittersweet memories eclipse our lofty imaginations.

You’re never as good as they say nor as bad as you think-you are the sum total of your thoughts and actions. Regardless of what happened yesterday, today the score is even at “0-0.” Like a supportive spouse, the sales profession is true to her vows. Through good times and bad- she’s always right there. When times are good, her rewards compound your efforts yet in your lowest moments, she’s graceful enough to forgive so that you can begin anew.

In the middle of a game, there are those who stand on the field of life staring at their own Jumbotrons- their past accomplishments and failures are magnified bigger than they actually are. It’s been said that you can learn a line in a win and a chapter in defeat. Great athletes are always in search for daylight-the greatest lessons from the darkest moments can only be discovered when chasing rays of light.

With no booth reviews, challenges, or timeouts remaining, the play clock marking your next play on life has begun. Check in and line up because you’re getting the ball.  I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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