Uneven Results Begin With “He even…”

Sure, some customers may be persuaded into buying by the Lifetime offers-Lifetime oil changes, tire rotations, as well as Lifetime (lifetime) warranties, but they return and refer others because of the actions of their lifetime sales consultants. Those lifetime sales consultants are known when their customers whisper, “(s)he even..” to others.

“When I locked my keys in my car, not only did he get another key cut, he even brought it to me.” “When I was out of town and my daughter’s car wouldn’t start, he even drove across town with a set of jumper cables.” “When I was in the hospital, he even came to check on me.” “When my vehicle broke down while on vacation, he even worked with the other dealer’s service department to get me back on the road.”

On the contrary, everything a lifetime sales consultant does for their customers comes with strings attached-strings of putting the cares of their customers ahead of a commission.

You can make a month by making promises, but you can make a career by fulfilling them. If you want to get ahead, get uneven by becoming a he even sales consultant.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.

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