The Unopened Gift

What a gift you are…

You’ve invested hundreds of hours on staying up-to-date with your product; you’re an expert at demonstrating the advantages your product has over your competitors’. You’re not like most salespeople who have to have a 48-hour notice on the product they will have to present to their peers-you’re always ready. You know what qualifying questions to ask and you know a hundred closes. You’re always thinking of new ways to present your product or overcome another objection- not to mention you provide excellent customer service after the sale. What a gift you are-or could be to your industry; a gift that remains unopened because you are able yet unwilling.

You are technically sound yet physically mute because you are lazy. You know you should do, but won’t. You know you could do, but you don’t. You have brilliant battle plans drawn up-you’ve charted the perfect course, but you’re all paper and no action. You bark a good game to new salespeople, yet you yourself are unwilling to bite into the risk of rejection, ridicule, and failure. You are cheating not only the industry you say you love, but also potential prospects because they never get the opportunity to open your gift. While you are hidden in the back offices looking busy when you hear your manager’s footsteps, customers, who really need your help, are waited on by the runts of the industry- unqualified, inferior salespeople– the ones who could care less about their product or the customer they’re standing before-they just want to collect a fat paycheck. These salespeople are getters and not givers, but you are no different than they are-you get what you need each month to pay rent and give no more. You too are a cheat.

Mediocrity lies in the folds of safety.  Your mandate is to get as many customers to open your gift as possible. Sure, some people won’t appreciate your tireless efforts in studying your craft; others will whittle you down to the nubs of a mini [commission,] only to become a burden in service. And that’s ok because you are a giver and givers have a long-term mindset whereas getters are short-timers. Only focus on what you give-pride, professionalism, knowledge, and service…in the long run you’ll always get what you deserve.

I’ll see you on the blacktop.

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