Stop Being A Dick

At work, we’re surrounded by dicks- if you aren’t one, then chances are you know of one or many self-appointed dealership detectives (a.k.a. dicks) who make it their business to know the who, what, why, when, and where’s of every sales consultant (Note: if you don’t know a dick, then you likely ARE the dick). Here are a few:

  • Overall Dicks: These detectives are a bit deceiving because they come across as “we” minded. They ask questions such as, “How many Ups did we get today,” or “How many cars did we sell today,” but are not a part of the “we” equation.  Their real reason for asking is to justify their shortcomings. If the dealership had only 8 Ups that day or if only 1 car was sold all day, Overall’s will use this information to validate their poor performance. Instead of being a part of the effort, they’re the reason for the cause. Revelation: Organizations succeed because individuals excel. Successful sales consultants don’t have time to ask overall questions-their only concern is to be in front of a prospect(s) in order to be on the board. There is such a thing as asking a dumb question. Take care of you and the team will be taken care of.
  • Chicken Little Dicks: These detectives are the most detrimental to your sales team’s success because of the negative mind viruses they spread. They’re quick to give their own State of Union address of how bad things are to any salesperson who’ll listen by offering theories such as what they would order, how they would advertise or who they would fire if given the throne for a day. Revelation: Unless you own your own news channel, negativity isn’t profitable. Even when things look grim, do not fan the flames of negativity with the words coming out of your mouth-it’ll only make things worse. Do not rehash a dead or blown deal to another salesperson (because they are glad it was you who caught that Up and not them) UNLESS you need advice on how to overcome a certain obstacle. Remember never take advice from someone you wouldn’t swap places with. 
  • Robin Hood Dicks: These detectives seek justice for all sales consultants. The dealer lives too lavish, the managers are stealing my commissions, and health insurance should be free are just a few war-cries these detectives decree. Revelation: Be a contrarian-where the masses of salespeople are zigging, differentiate and position yourself by uniquely zagging. Most salespeople stand around and blame everything and everyone for their mediocrity. If you want to make a difference at the top, then put in the sweat equity it takes to get to the top. Stay uncomfortable-that’s where the growth is. Look in the mirror, hook up with a reputable dealer, and take action.  Success will show up if you do.
  • Management Dicks: These managers aren’t detectives at all; they’re just jerks who are drunk with power and authority. They live by the, As I say, not as I do mantra and have no place in a dealership. Revelation: If you are one, there’s hope for you yet. Move from being a transactional leader (taker) to becoming a transformational leader (giver). The best leaders are the ones who give freely in an effort to positively transform another’s life.

The best detectives are the ones who first investigate themselves. 

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