Sell As If You’ve Lost Your Voice


If you’ve ever lost your voice, then you know what a challenge it can be to get your point across. Like orators and singers, salespeople need their voices NOW in order to positively influence their customer’s behavior. Unfortunately, we salespeople abuse our voices- instead of being an influence we become more of a nuisance because we suffer from verbal diarrhea.

Out on the lot, customers always seem to pick the one vehicle that we nothing about (yea right). Because of our lack of knowledge, we ramble on an on about pointless, obvious features that have been standard on a vehicle since the 1970’s. Sometimes, despite our awful presentation, the customer still likes our car and reluctantly agrees to come inside, but once they are seated and written up (They are aren’t they?), we are so scared of hearing the customer say, No, that we mindlessly babble on and on about a whole bunch of nothing instead of asking them point blank to buy. And then to make matters worse, if we are lucky enough to work a deal, if the numbers aren’t perfect, we mentally fold and weakly go into a continuous loop of forgiveness and mercy while presenting the numbers to our customers. In sales, our mouths dig a hole that discounts just can’t get us out of. 

But how would you manage to sell if you’d suddenly lose your voice? Your closing ratio would probably skyrocket, because you’d have to: 

  • Be Intentional: Now that you’re voice is gone, your cadence is much slower and you’ll have to be more intentional with the words that you’ll use. That’s actually a good thing because the intentional use of your words will carry much more weight.


  • Be Actionable: The most brilliant minds are those who act more and speak less. It’s true; actions do speak louder than words-literally. If 55% of our communication is visual then why do we insist on talking so much? The sweetest sound most salespeople love to hear is the sound of their own voice.  Losing your voice causes you to have to demonstrate instead of dictate.


  • Play to 2 on 1: With two ears and one mouth, the Bible advises you to be, “Quick to listen and slow to speak.” (I’m glad that’s not a Commandment) Now that nature has hit your mute button, you won’t be able to interrupt, talk over, or shout-all you can do is listen. The gift of gab is a common misconception in sales; interesting people are interested in others-you can’t be interested if you’re doing all of the talking.

There are three things that you can’t get back: Time, Words, and Opportunities. There is only one Now-make the most of it by rippling the right words to create huge waves of opportunities.  

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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