Someone To Chase


When Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for Best Actor (the movie was Dallas Buyers Club) he accepted the award saying that there were “3 things he needed each day.” Those 3 things were:

  • Someone to look up to: He thanked God, for giving him the “grace of opportunities” while teaching him that gratitude is reciprocal.


  • Someone to look forward to: He thanked his father for teaching him to be a man, his mother for teaching him to first respect himself so that he could in turn respect others, and his wife and 3 children for giving him the “courage and significance” to go out and brave the world each day. Tearfully he said, “You are the 4 people that I want to make most proud.”

I got chills when I heard the 3rd thing.

  • Someone to chase: He told a story of a time when he was 15 years old and a girl asked him who his hero was. Not knowing, he said that he would have to think about that and get back to her. Two weeks later, McConaughey runs up to her and tells her his hero is him in 10 years. Ten years later, she asks him, now at age 25, if he still thinks he is his hero. To that he says,


Not even close, my hero is me at age 35. Every day, week, month, and every year of my life, my hero is me 10 years away. I’m never going to be my hero-I’m never going to obtain that and that’s just fine with me because it gives me someone to keep on chasing.”

Why are we always trying to live other’s lives? We’re always trying to drive what he has, wear what she’s wearing, vacation where they do, make more than he does, and live at that address. Chasing what others, just because they have it and you don’t, leads to an unquenchable thirst of greed, jealousy, and envy.

Here’s what I got from McConaughey’s speech: He was humble enough to know that he doesn’t have all of the answers and needed to depend on Someone more supreme than he; selfless enough to know that he can’t do it without the help and push from others, and focused enough to know that the only person he needs to beat is the man he was yesterday.

You face an opposition of 1 today…beat him.

Here is his 3 min acceptance speech.




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