They’re Not Singing A Cappella


Your customers don’t sing a cappella-there is always music accompanying their lyrics, but we salespeople get so hung up and hell-bent on what the customer is saying that we miss the intent behind it. We get bogged down when a customer lyrically demands our rock bottom price, to only have their trade appraised, to not demo or come inside, nor buy right now, and we miss the true meaning behind their objections.  What a customer says often has nothing to do with what they mean. A lyrical objection is the bravado of a customer protecting himself from making [another] mistake. We reach an impasse in our sale when we only hear the lyrics and miss the music. Amateur salespeople only hear the lyrics-professional salespeople delve deeper to find the meaningful music behind the lyrics.

Lyrics: “I want your lowest price.”

Music:I don’t want to be taken advantage of, again.”

Lyrics: “I don’t want a used vehicle.”

Music:The last used car I bought gave me nothing but trouble.”

Lyrics: “I’m not doing anything until you tell me what my trade is worth.”

Music: “I made a mistake buying this vehicle.” or

“I’m upside down and don’t know what to do.”

Lyrics: “I don’t want to demo today, we’re just going around to all of the car lots.”

Music: “If I drive it, I’m afraid I’ll want to buy it.”

Lyrics: “ I don’t need to come in, just give me your card.”

Music: “I don’t trust you.” My “No” is really a “Know”

(I don’t know: if I trust you (or the dealership), if the vehicle is the right fit-because you didn’t know enough about it to convince me, if I can get approved or if I can afford it)

Lyrics:I’m not buying today.”

Music:You haven’t given me an emotional reason why I should.”

Customers write their lyrics from past experiences and favorably compose their music for future ones. You be the maestro. 

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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