7 Truths About Closing The Sale by Rory Vaden


Rory Vaden has a great weekly podcast called “The Servent Selling Podcast,” that you should check out. Toward the end of his May 21rst podcast (go to minute 36:25 mark), he offers the “7 Truths About Closing the Sale.”

I took some notes and shared with my sales team and thought you may find useful to share with yours. It’s only 10 minutes long and made for a great discussion.

7 Truths About Closing The Sale:

Salespeople have a fear if coming across as too pushy. When we are pushy customers can smell our “commission breath.”

Allowing customers to live in the land of “maybe” is a disservice.

1. A close is a question, closing is a process. The avg sp knows 2 closes; top producers know 5.

View closing more as a series of questions/ as a process. Closing is a piece of selling not just an end.

2. People love to buy & hate to be sold.

Let people feel comfortable about telling you no so they can feel comfortable telling you yes.

3. Closing is a series of incremental questions.

Start by lightly asking committal questions such as:

“Does this make sense?”

“Can you see how it will work?”

Ask questions that make them feel comfortable so they can then begin to mentally make it make sense.

If they can see the benefits of your product or service, then increase your incremental questions.

“Do you see any reason why we can’t move forward with this?”

4. 5x ask before a Yes

It’s human tendency to resist change. (Which is why people say no)

There’s difference between not being interested vs being afraid to make a change.

Even when we know something is good for us, it’s human tendency to say no.

5. Closing is a formality

The close should be casual, nonchalant & easy.

You must me invested in serving your customers.

Closing should happen “automatically” if they feel comfortable.

6. Confidence in closing is inversely proportionate to your skill.

If you have to ask for sale 5 x but only know 2 closes that is a problem. It’s a problem for you and your prospect.

If they have no confidence to keep moving & they feel uncomfortable.

Customers need guidance-you as a salesperson must have the right tools in order to guide them effectively.

7. Closing is about conviction

Do you honestly believe your product will help them so much that it will cost them more to live without your product or service than it does to invest in it? 

Here is the link to the podcast. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/servant-selling-podcast-rory/id650895336?mt=2&i=313294702 (The whole podcast is a good listen, but you can skip to where there is only 10 minutes left.)

Remember, everyone’s in sales; some of us make a LIFE of it. See you on the blacktop.

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