“I’m not cut out for this!”

I hear this, just before a salesperson throws in the towel to quit. Some of them are right, many are often wrong.

It’s not that you’re not cut out to be a salesperson, it’s that you haven’t yet cut in to be a good one. Think of your sales career as a bunch of hissing, sparking live wires cut in half. With each Up and every No; the callers who hang up in your face and the appointments that don’t show up; the times you should’ve said something and the times you said too much, you’re building your new skill set.

Your failures aren’t failures, they’re new connections rewiring your failures to your favorable, desired outcomes.

Michelangelo didn’t cut a David out of that huge block of marble; rather he cut in to the marble and found his David.

Keep cutting in and you’ll find your masterpiece.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop

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