When a mess is meaningless

At some point we all have a chapter (or chapters) where we find our life mired in a chaotic mess. Maybe you’re facing foreclosure, bankruptcy seems to be the only option, the child you raised is now a wayward teen, your blissful marriage is now painfully blistered, your health seems grave, or your once thriving career is on life support- it seems as though life has dealt a hand where you have no choice except to fold.

In every mess, there is a Message, a meaning to your enduring pain that will only be revealed on the other side.

But most people turn back- and when you turn back you’re only left with ASSUmptions.

You assumed that there was no relief- no light on the other side of your tunnel,so you quit fighting.

Life’s unfair- what is fair is that life’s unfair for everyone. Don’t fight for your mess, fight for your message.

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