Am I making progress?

Some salespeople seem to have the natural ability to connect with their customers. (I envy these types) In just a few questions, they’re able to deconstruct customers’ lives and find common grounds of interests- like similar childhoods, military service, cities visited, or mutual acquaintances.

With that being said, these types of salespeople are great at connecting and poor at closing because they avoid the pain of rejection by never asking for the sale- they’ll stall by keeping the stories going, rolling from one story to another until the customer finally leaves. After they’ve held on to a customer as long as they can, hoping a deal somehow falls into their lap, they’ll end up accumulating many stories but very few sales.

There’s going to be times that you’ll be unable to advance a deal any further. If you’re unsure if your deal has stalled out or not ask yourself “Am I making progress?” If the answer is yes, then keep exploring (even if it’s slower than you’d like for it to, keep chipping away), but if the answer to your question is no, quickly move the conversation back toward making progress toward a decision. When you do reach an impasse, isolate and overcome objections, clarify any misconceptions-focusing on maximizing all of your available possibilities.

Sometimes moving forward is setting up an appointment, finding a co-signer, or selecting a more suitable vehicle. In either case move forward or move on (only after the maximization of possibilities).

Stalling is not a technique.  

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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