What’s the worst thing that could happen today?


What’s the worst thing that could happen if you ask a customer to buy from YOU right now and they say NO?

Chances are: 
You’ll still eat a meal tonight.
You’ll still have a car to get into and leave this evening. 
You’ll still have a home to go to.
You’ll still be able to sleep in your own bed.
You’ll still have people who love you.
You’ll still be a good person.
You’ll still be alive to tell about it. 
Asking never killed a salesperson-not asking has. It’s what you didn’t ask for that has robbed you of your hopes, wishes, dreams, and a better way of living.  It’s when you stopped asking that has caused you to be negative in your bank account, past due on your car note, and late on your mortgage. It’s not asking that has caused you to have to borrow money from your parents-again, have no insurance, and manipulate the government for assistance. Not asking has caused you to put borders around your potential-the more you don’t ask for, the tighter those borders have become. Not asking causes you to succumb to a life of just holding on, waiting for the big break that never comes and drifting through your one life-dead at 20, buried at 70. 
Everything you want in life is on the other side of what you ask for. Everyone wants, but most won’t take the risk to simply ask. 
So I ask you again, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you ask a customer to buy from you right now?
The worst thing that could happen is they won’t buy-as a matter of fact, statistically speaking, even if you do everything right, they still won’t buy. 
What’s the best thing that could happen? A life that you never thought were possible. While others assume, you took the leap to ask-and when they said no, you didn’t lose, you learned. You learned what you should’ve said, offered, presented, and what you could’ve tried. Risking rewires your brain and rewards you with greater and greater opportunities. The more you risk by asking, the more opportunities become available.  With great risks, come even greater rewards. 
One in the most powerful verbs in life is ASK. It’s your job to ask; it’s their job to answer. 
I’ll see you on the Blacktop. 

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