Which Are You?


When business is slow, are you a thermometer or thermostat?

Thermometers react by adjusting to their surroundings whereas thermostats cause their surroundings to adjust to their desired settings.

If you wait for the business to come to you, your mental thermometer will adjust to negative thoughts of fear, doubt, & resentment. And once a customer does show up, you’re in such a negative state of mind that you’ll find reasons why you don’t have a deal- asking questions such as what they owe on their vehicle, what’s their credit score, or what they want to pay per month, rather than finding the motivations of why they should stay and buy from you.

Set your thermostat by talking only about prospects that could potentially be deals, walking your inventory, mentally negotiating, presenting vehicles, and overcoming specific objections, following up with sold and unsold customers, and inundating your mind with positive information (I call it Cheer-me-oh’s)

Set your standards so high- your appearance, enthusiasm, energy level, expectations, knowledge, and professionalism, that when a customer does come into your presence, their mercury rises from a level of “just looking” to a level of “just bought.” 

Set it, don’t forget it.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop. 

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